World Health Organization Role in Promoting Good health

Good health has been described as the most precious gift a human being can have. Health is at the core of the quality of life and a resource for living a full life. It is one of the parameters used to gauge the quality of life. Heath is referred to as a state of complete emotional and physical wellbeing. Health has always been associated with the absence of disease. However, healthy is more than that, and it also means the ability to recover from illness and other life problems. It is clear that health is a complicated matter that is hard to attain its optimal level of good health. Some of the factors that dictate good health include genetics, environment, relationships, and education.

The state of health is a global concern since anybody is entailed to good health. The United Nations, through its agency world health organization, is concerned about international health. The agency was established on 7th April 1948 to ensure global access to good health. World health organization has been playing a leading role in mitigating communicable and non-communicable diseases all around the world. It has been at the center of controlling the effects of HIV/AIDs, Ebola, malaria, and tuberculosis. The organization is also concerned about sexual and productive health, nutrition, food security, occupational health, and substance abuse to improve the health of the universes. It is clear that the right to health should be at the core of the World Health Organization because of its ability to reach every corner of the globe.

The right to health should be accorded to every citizen in a country. The governments have to put in place measures to ensure that its people can enjoy good health without discrimination. In many countries, the provision of health care services is the function of the state. The state controls the health sector because it is concerned about the welfare of its citizens. The private sector is allowed to come in the health, but the government has to regulate their operations. Huge budgets are always allocated to the industry to ensure every citizen has access to affordable health care services. The governments are not only concerned about access to health services but also the efficiency and the quality of health care. The world health organization’s constitution dictates that access to the highest standard of health is a fundamental right of every human being. The countries have to follow the constitution of the organization and channel sufficient resources to the health sector.

The state of health of a country plays a significant role in the growth and development of its economy. A country with a high number of healthy population will have a higher rate of economic development compared to the health struggling state.  The quality of human capital heavily relies on the health of the people. Human capital is the primary driver of economic growth, and developments need to at its best. The ability of the people to be innovative requires their mental and physical health to be at its best. The health of the citizens is not only a right but also helps the country to develop. One of the major of the United Nations is to help its member states to attain economic development. Health is a major player in economic growth; the right to health should be at the core function of the World Health Organization to help the developing countries to attain economic development.

Universal health care coverage has been a priority of the World health organization. Comprehensive health care means that everyone in the world can access quality health services despite their financial state. World health organization recognizes the existence of people living in abject poverty by also protect their right to health care services. Universal health care coverage eliminates the cost factor as a hindrance to access health care services. Nobody should get sick and die simply because they have no means to get medical attention. Most of the developed countries have universal health care coverage to all its citizens. First world countries continue to grow economically because most of its population can easily access quality and affordable health care services. The less developed countries in the world are still struggling with universal health care coverage. Most of the countries in the in Africa and Asia have not yet attained universal health coverage because of lousy leadership and poverty.  The world health organization has to step in and help the countries in making policies that will ensure universal health coverage. The organization has health experts who can help the less developed countries in developing strategies that will attain universal health coverage. The right to health being the core function world health organization will ensure that the people in the less developed countries access quality health services despite their financial status.

The world health organization recognizes that other fundamental human rights play a significant role in the heath of a human being. Basic human rights such as sanitation, access to clean drinking water, adequate housing, nutrition, safe working environment, and education determine the health of a person. The organization has been initiating projects in the rural areas of Africa to ensure that the people access clean water. Water purification machines have been donated to the affected area to provide clean water. Waterborne diseases such as cholera have been a major cause of death in less developed and developing economies. Simple practices such as purifying and boiling water can prevent an outbreak of waterborne diseases. The world health organization has the capability of educating people on the importance of making water safe for drinking. Scarcity of water in arid and semi-arid areas have also contributed to the widespread of waterborne diseases in the less developed countries. World health organization and other donors play a significant role in digging boreholes in these areas to improve access to water. Water has an economic implication to the people living in arid regions. The water project also plays a role in farming through irrigation. The community in the dry areas can grow crops that would provide food to them. World health organization making the right to health as its core function means that the communities in the arid areas will be empowered through its donor-oriented projects.

In the recent past, most of the people have been facing discrimination that has affected the state of their health. The marginalized people in society are often excluded from accessing medical care because of the stigma they face. Most of the people who are suffering from infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDs, cancer, and other conditions go through a lot of discrimination that worsens their situation. Access to health care services is also discriminatory on the ground of gender, sexual orientation, age, and migration. World health organization making the right to health its core function means that the people will have access to quality health care services. The organization recognizes the right to privacy and being treated to respect and dignity. The choices of the person on their sexual orientation is respected by the World health organization, unlike some countries. The world organization offers a safe place for marginalized people. The people living with infectious diseases deserve to be treated with dignity as the constitution of the organization dictates. The people living with HIV/AIDS and other conditions can access medical services like the. The organization recognizes that disadvantaged people face obstacles in accessing quality healthcare services. World health organization ensures that the barriers are eliminated and everyone gets access to quality health care.

The world health organization recognizes the violation of a human right that takes place in the health sector around the world. The abuse of human rights has led to severe health consequences of the victims. The organization respects the freedoms that are contained in the right to health. Human beings have a right to be free from non-consensual medical treatment. Human beings are not allowed to be subjected to medical experiments and research or forced sterilization since it’s a violation of human rights. The organization also stands against torture, inhumane treatment, and punishment. It promotes and respects the power of life to human beings from all sort of life. Making the right to health its core function means that there will be reduced human right violation around the globe. The vulnerable people in society are often at risk of human right abuses. Women, people with disabilities, indigenous people, sex workers, and transgender are always at risk of forced treatment and medical procedures. The body is one of the few well-known organizations that does not only fight for the right to health but also respect human rights. The world health organization operates on the principle of human-rights based approach. It has a set of clear principles that evaluates health policy and service delivery. It tackles discriminatory behaviors and injustices that occur in the health sector to provide equality in the health sector

The World Health Organization puts the health of children and adolescents at the center of its operation. Childhood has been categorized as an essential stage in mental and cognitive development in their life. Malnutrition and infectious diseases make a danger to their growth. Respiratory problems cause significant deaths of children and malaria. The state must ensure that infant and child mortality reduces. The early stages of childhood also experience the highest rates of death. World Health Organization, together with governments, have to come up with health policies that promote children health. The organization recognizes the right of the children to access medical and health services whenever needed. Health professional are advised to pay attention t the needs of the children and offer medical services without discrimination. World Health Organization has been organizing campaigns to immunize the children from polio, measles, and other diseases that affect the children. The health facilities are also advised to give counseling services to mothers on how to take care and feed their infants

The adolescents are too faced with a challenge of sexual, mental, and mental health problems. The World Health Organization recognizes the challenges and urges the government to put in place policies to help the children through this face. The number of adolescents getting infected by HIV/AIDs has been increasing over the years, raising questions on access to sex education. The world health organization moves to educate the teenagers about sex and preventive measure to these sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex practice abstinence is the primary preventative measure the world health organization promotes. Lack of sex education and reproductive health has also increased the number of teenage pregnancies. The issue of early pregnancies exposes teenagers to health-related problems. Pregnancies also reduce the focus of children in life. The World Health Organization promote comprehensive education on the risks of first pregnancies. It also comes up with measures to help the young mothers to progress with their healthy life despite the setbacks in life. The programs in place empower the young mothers and prevent them from getting mental problems brought by stress.

The world health organization is concerned about maternal health. Women require access to quality health care when they are pregnant. Pregnancy means that the lives of two people have to be protected; the mother and the child. Taking care of child health starts at the conception, which is determined by the wellbeing of the mother. The diet and the action of the mother directly affect the health of the unborn baby. The world health organization has been educating mothers of maternal health to help the mother to raise a healthy child. Pregnant women are often faced with several health risks that come with the gestation period. The mothers are supposed to be monitored by a health practitioner to assure the health of the two. The world health organization has been promoting the issue of free maternal health care. Many of the infants’ lives are lost due to limited access to medical care.

The rural areas in less developed countries are often affected by infant mortality. The rate of infant mortality has been on the rise due to inaccessibility health facilities.   Most of the mothers deliver their babies from home with the help of a midwife rather than a trained profession. Most of the midwives lack the necessary medical tool that put the lives of the mother and the infant at risk. The mother can quickly contact diseases from due to lack of gloves during delivery. The world health organization has moved in to educate the midwives on safe delivery. It has also provided the necessary equipment to enable the safe birth of the child in rural areas. More steps have been made to ensure that delivery units are set in rural areas to ensure the safety of the mother and the child.

The right of health should be at the core of the World health organization. The organization is appropriately constituted to handle world health issues. The organization promotes and respects the right to health for everyone without discrimination. The organization operates considering the human rights of the patients. There are a clear framework and policies that guide the operation of the world health organization, unlike most health facilities. Respecting the right to health means that everyone around the globe will have access to quality and affordable health care. World Health Organization does not operate for profits but serves the health needs of the world population. Most of the health organizations often shut its operation due to non-profitability and hence paralyzing the health care sector. World health organization has the financial backing of many countries that facilitate its services.

World Health Organization is a powerful organization that is mandated to ensure that the world attains good health. The organization has the backing of the United Nations and other organization to execute its mandate. It has the powers to gather, request, and exchange the right to health information from all the relevant sources in the world. With is knowledge, the world health organization can evaluate and asses the health situation around the globe. It can collaborate with governments, UNAIDs, and other NGOs to promote the fundamental right to health. The collaborations with other international bodies make it easy to identify good health practices around the world and make health a reality in marginalized communities worldwide. More pressing matters of mental health and occupational health that has been assumed for a long time can be dealt with if the World Health Organization makes the right to health the core of its function. The organization can act on allegations of human right violation and improve the state of health care services around the world







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