Work, Employment, And Society relationship

i have chosen to work in the industries in the future, and therefore, will be governed by the rules of functionalism. This means that there are various stakeholders that are involved in the industries and they include customers, workers, suppliers, contractors and management. This means that all the stakeholders are related in various ways, for example; the management is in charge of the workers. They ensure that the workers serve the customers well, also work hand in hand with the suppliers who deliver the supplies. On the other hand, there are contractors that have been employed by management to carry out certain responsibilities at the industries. According to the functionalist model, this is referred to as social stratification whereby, there are hierarchies showing the various system positions. The values in the occupation I have chosen ensure that individuals demonstrate certain traits and qualities. These are competency, loyalty, teamwork, innovativeness and integrity. All the various stakeholders should at all times follow the values as they enhance excellent working conditions. Also, they enhance safety at the workplace for all employees. The industrial occupation is one that is changing constantly as various new technologies are being invented. In order to remain competitive, the industry must adapt to the technology in order to satisfy the customer who in need of products that are innovative.

  1. Bureaucracy has five characteristics, and they have an impact to my occupation in the industries. For example, at my work place, there is a need for rules to be followed and those who break them are punished. Each individual is expected to specialize in specific areas like finance and engineering, among others, as this increases productivity among workers. Also, there are routines and processes that have to be followed in order to bring about consistency. Moreover, transparency and over sight is highly encouraged as it improves the daily operations especially in the tertiary and secondary job functions. This means that all the five bureaucratic characteristics apply at my work place.
  2. There are four characteristics of Ritzer’s McDonaldization, and they have an impact in my life outside the work place. For example, I occasionally like eating at fast foods, and this means that I like the uniformity that exists at the establishments. Also, the automation that exists is by human beings, who make the process of obtaining the food quite efficient. Lastly, while eating at the fast food the issue of calculability is one that is evident as I know the prices of the food that I will order. Therefore, it tends to carry an exact amount of money when going to the fast food establishment.
  3. For a long time, division of labor has been affected by the matter that concerns gender. Women were prone to being oppressed, and they sort to find ways of becoming liberated. Therefore, division of labor existed because people wanted the roles of women and men differentiated according to the work done by them. The industrial and agricultural revolution had an impact on gender roles as they all had to work in order to improve the economy. No one could refuse to be employed due to their gender as they were many openings in the farms and industries. Currently, a lot is being done to ensure that there no gender discrimination is present at the various places where people work. It seems that, in the American society, equality exists, as both genders have power and policies, which have been established concerning gender discrimination.
  4. According to Max, the natural relationship between work and humans was distorted by industrial capitalism. This means that he believed that capitalism created social classes and in turn, affected how goods were distributed after being produced. Max claims that the working class are oppressed by the bourgeois class, and furthermore viewed as only being commodities. Therefore, the working class can be sold and bought, and they are the ones in charge of any surplus value.
  5. Scientific Management usually refers to soldering or restriction of output, and it is a sin often associated with the working class. According to Frederick Taylor, when men become lazy there are bound to be many problems. Furthermore, this is a problem that is universal and affects both employers and workmen. Many workers lost their power as a result of Scientific Management because they were not motivated to work. Moreover, management did not control the production conditions of the workers thus demoralizing them. It means that various ways should be found to motivate employees in order to boost their productivity.
  6. In the United States, slavery was mostly for the purpose of improving the country’s economy, while, in the ancient world, it was a sign of prestige for slave owners. The latter is referred to as ‘ascribed status’ whereby, people seek to have slaves to improve their social status. Also, racial differentiation and slavery went hand in hand as they were a basis for discrimination. Slavery helped improve the American socio- economic structure as they worked in the various plantations cultivating rice and tobacco, among others. This means a shortage of labor never existed. If slaves would not have subsidized the economy, it would not have been prosperous at it is today. The slaves were the ones that helped pave the way for improvement of the American economy. Some of the slaves even brought their knowledge to America, such as how to plant and cultivate rice.
  7. There are three fundamental ways in, which services and goods can be distributed. This means that there are various ways through, which consumers can obtain products from the different distribution channels. Firstly, a social economy market is known as being a free market system that is nominal. Price information by the government is kept at a minimum, but in turn, ensures that labor rights, unemployment benefits and social security exist. This is mostly suited for societies, which mostly focus on ownership of business that is private. The other is the free market where demand and supply of services and products occur due to the system of free price. Demand and supply thus have a point of equilibrium, and the government cannot intervene. This is suitable for a society that focuses on private ownership and enterprises that are productive. Therefore, people in the society are assured that the government will protect their rights. Lastly, services and products can be distributed through mercantilism. This means that services and products can only be obtained from mother countries through trading. In turn, through trading with various nations, a balance that is positive is created.




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