Women Suffrage in the society history


The expression women suffrage is a common term in history that refers to the granting of voting right to women without any discrimination or restrictions. As a movement, supporters of women suffrage fight for the rights of women in societies that have discriminated them. Women suffrage has been the center of discussions among historian professors such as Professor Erika Kuhlman and Professor Laura Woodworth-Ney. These two professors are renowned in their contribution to women studies especially in relation to women suffrage. Both the two professors emphasize the importance of gender in understanding one’s place in the society in the past, present and future. The two professors agree that the woman’s place in society had been a determining factor in her access to economic, social, and political power, and for that reason, have argued for the woman’s rights in society.

However, they disagree on the changing social status of women over time, with each having differing views on the same. While professor Kuhlman believes that the social status of women has deteriorated over time, professor Woodworth-Ney argues that this status has improved, hence illustrating the benefits of women suffrage over time. Both believe that women suffrage carries both positive negative influences, depending on the diverse backgrounds of women.

Additionally, both professors see various patterns and trends in the suffrage movements such as geographical location, religion, time, and racial background, which have had a great effect on women suffrage in the world.  To support their arguments, Kuhlman and Woodworth-Ney give specific examples as some of the factors in the enactment of women’s voting rights including women as peace-makers, which has allowed society to view women as people who are beneficial to society, thus granting them the right to vote and make political decisions. Both professors see women as transnational and reconciliatory components in the society. They believe that women, no matter where they come from, promote temperance in society. That women are a bridge for peace, and for that reason should be encouraged to exercise their rights. Aside from the right to vote, the two professors also emphasized the right of access to education and medical care for women. Because these issues have long affected women in all corners of the world, women suffrage has provided a solution to these problems. This is because it has allowed women to practice their rights without being discriminated or judged. Women have now been granted equal opportunities with their male counterparts with the introduction of women suffrage, thus enabling them to enjoy similar rights to those of men.

Based on the professors’ works and Foner’s text, granting women the right to vote was revolutionary, in that it brought about a radical change in society. This is because most women in society are seen as a weaker gender, and for that reason, regarded as undeserving of similar rights as those of men. Through women suffrage, most societies have embraced women, not as a weaker sex, but as an important part of the community and society. Women suffrage has allowed women to be seen as great contributors in society, hence viewing them as a valuable and important group to society. women, who would be educated before, can now receive an education that allows them to be rational thinkers and contributors to society



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