Women rights and freedom analysis

Women In The News

According to an article by Mekhennet Souad, in the New York Times, Women will have to endure a lot of hardships before they acquire their rights. The women are uncertain about their future as a civil war may emerge and affect them. Furthermore, the rights, which they wish for, may never be realized. Since the regime of Muammar Qaddafi came to an end, women are advocating for more rights. They want to be part of the country’s society as well as its politics. In turn, the women hold many meetings in order to find a solution to their problem. This bold step by the women should be appreciated as they ought to be treated as human beings (Mekhennet, 2011.1).

Western Non-Governmental Agencies are supporting the efforts of the Libyan women through financial and encouragement means. Libyan women are happy with the support, but it should be against teachings of the Islamic religion. Westerners should not be excessively domineering in this matter as there are certain limitations (Mekhennet, 2011.1). The women in Libya were in the past suppressed by the Qaddafi regime that presented a false image about what was going on. For example, Qaddafi assisted the legal team of Saddam Hussein with a female lawyer. The latter was one of his daughters a lawyer by profession. Also, by having female guards, he wanted to show that he supported women, but it is not true. In my opinion, this is just but a cover up of his true intentions.

The women need to discuss the issues that affected them during the Qaddafi regime and find solutions. Moreover, they have to ensure that history will never repeat itself. Men in the Libyan society treat women badly and justify it using their religion. One woman who used to work at a State Television in Libya makes her views known concerning this matter. She almost fell victim to the Qaddafi regime who wanted her to host political programs. Through her resistance, she escaped that trap, and today she is highly recognized by Libyan women. Qaddafi even tried to make her use propaganda in her show by meeting personally with her, but did not succeed (Mekhennet, 2011.1).

Campaigns for the purposes of awakening women are taking place as men are becoming a problem. They are marrying up to four wives, yet the Koran does not allow it. Also, the fact that the militias are in possession of many weapons is a concern by the women. It is likely that a civil war might erupt as the different militia groups all want power. The women are aware that the shariah gives them many rights and are thus not against it (Mekhennet, 2011.1). They also fear that if Abdelhakim Belhaj comes to power, women will not have a chance of acquiring any rights. According to Belhaj, once in power he will ensure that women are included in running the country. The solution, which women are advocating for should be done real soon. Furthermore, their rights should be included in the constitution. This will be a step in achieving the rights which women deserve.

In conclusion, women have rights, which should be accorded to them. In Libya, this is does not seem to be the norm as the society is male dominated. Women should be informed about this issue and assist the Libyan women through any possible means. If women, are deprived of their rights society will in turn be affected. Indeed, Libyan women are in need of their rights that have been denied by the former Qaddafi regime.


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