Why the Gender Gap Still Exists

Why the Gender Gap Still Exists and What Can Be Done To Eliminate or Reduce This Obstacle

Despite the enactment of the equal pay act that was implemented to ensure that both men and women receive equal pay,  the women are still straggling with the existing gender pay gap that mainly affects the women of color.  The gender gap exists due to one main reason that includes, work experience and career advancement.  Low work experience has been considered to be the primary reason why women are receiving reduced pay.

In most cases, the women usually work on a part-time basis, and they often drop out of work to take care of their family, thus resulting in fewer years of experience. Currently, more men are climbing the ladder into various executive positions within different organizations.  Lack of enough work experience has been the main contributor of women not qualifying to this executive positions. The pay gap challenge can, however, be eliminated through ensuring that there is job flexibility within the workplace. Job flexibility is perceived to favor the women in the workplace since they will have enough time to look after the family and report back to work (Pynes, 2008). However, to breach the pay gap, the women will have to make better workplace choices that are in their favor, for example, deciding on the most convenient time to spend with the family. This will ensure that men do not earn more than women or occupy all the execrative positions within the workplace.

Indicate Whether You Agree Or Disagree With The Pear Provided, And Indicate The Position That Supports Your Answer.

I agree that the gender pay gap still exists in society or the workplace. Despite most women joining colleges and doing the courses that were previously dominated by men, they still get lower pay as compared to the men. This is because, in most employment positions within the country, there are increased gender discrimination cases (Carnevale, Smith & Gulish, 2018). It is perceived that most employers think that men have a higher probability of doing better work or providing better results as compared to women. This makes the men occupy most executive positions and get better pay as compared to women.


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