“Unpromising Beginning” personal narrative essay


My life in high school was great characterized by good performance and good relationship with people of different kind including teachers and students. In high school, life was easy as I adjusted by social interaction ability. I was able to fit in any of the various social groups one would imagine. This aspect seemed unrealistic to my colleagues from elementary schools and from other lower levels of my academic life. Some could think that all I was doing was trying to associate with the highly ranked groups as a disguise from my earlier way of life. This came with little known by these old friends about what had initiated the many changes in my life five year back the line. The things leading to changes to my life never appeared great to an extent of changing my life what it is today.

My life in kindergarten is only described by my mother who is today very proud of my success and the positive transformation I have shown of the years. The first days of my education where characterized by poor performance in school and poor relationship with students. The only person who appeared to appreciate my efforts and my presence my first grade teacher. Most children ridiculed me since I was dumb in class and more even because I hardly participated in child games. This attitude did not come about because I was too old to take part in childish games but the courage to play a single moment with my fellow children was void. In most cases, I would choose to remain back in class taking snacks, which I could hardly live without. Children teased my appearance, as I was chubby and could not participate in most of the plays.

The problem I was going through was due to obesity. I never took keen notice of the problem and hardly knew that my parents were deeply concerned about by high craving for food. It was an habit that I liked and all I thought was having something delicious with me. Children laughed at me from my eating habit. Whenever my parents tried to caution me and deny me some types of foods that I likd most, I felt like they have taken the ways of children at school by being against my way of life. I started hating the presence of my parents as much as I had developed a deep hate for school. This attitude against my parents was more to my mother who went to an extent of limiting the amount of food I was taking. My dad could only make me avoid the consumption of some kind of foods especially the fatty foods but this denial was replaced with a huge consumption of variety of fruits, which I did not like at first. Schooling was a problem especially when imagining of a case where children would mock my abilities, my looks, and strengthen the problem by discriminating against me. My class teacher was my best friend since he seemed to understand my life. He seemed to differ with my parents and blamed them for my poor performance from the way they treated me back home.

Whenever children went out to play, I would stay close to my class teacher who would praise me as being great physically and academically. I noticed that that this trait and problem saved me from many cases of child conflict and often fights among children resulting to injuries. As time went by, I started gaining confidence in my life and my chubby looks. My increased consumption as well seemed to keep a positive change to my life as I kept on reducing my weight. At the same time, I kept in touch with my first grade class teacher even after advancing to higher grades. Lucky enough one of my classmates was child to this teacher. He was initially against me just like other students and he would often cry over the good treatment and care I was receiving from his mother. I noticed he was more jealous that just being against my way of life.

By the time we were approaching the sixth grade, I had moved from the last position to becoming among the top ten best performers in the class. Schooling was now interesting and all teachers congratulated my efforts. Besides, I started gaining notice that I was becoming one of the smartest kids in class and in the school. At this time some of my kindergarten ‘enemies’ still remained enemies but surprisingly, they were very rude and the bottom most performers academically.  I had also gained confidence to play any game of my age as my body had gained the normal shape and peers were now attracted by my looks and great performance. I also noted that my mother had settled and now was more focused on my achievement than anything else in her life.

By the time I joined high school, I had developed academically to become the top student during our high school entry exam. My father was always proud of me and I can hardly note any change in my social interaction with him. Today my life has changed due to collaborative efforts among the various groups of people in my life including the children during my first schooling years, my class teacher in first grade, and my parents. They all worked in various ways to see that my health was great in a way that I could have self-confidence in life. Thanks to them all.




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