Trump’s Administration Position on Deforestation


Ever since he took office as the president of the United States, Trump has been accused of various crimes, among them racism, abuse of power, and negligence of environmental conservation strategies put in place by past regimes. The ecological conservation policies of the republicans differ largely from those of the democrats. The republicans consider conservation to be valuable, only if it aligns with the nation’s economy. The democrats, on the other hand, have shown immense support for the protection of the environment and have continually pushed for strategies that reduce the impacts of climate change. Further, democrats are passionate about the nation’s natural resources and the protection of the quality of water, land, and air for current as well as future generations. The warring environmental notions between the parties have persisted for decades, and today, republicans and democrats are not close to agreeing that aspects that matter most to Americans, as far as economic growth of the nation and environmental conservation strategies are concerned.


            In the last couple of years, nations around the world have remained keen about climate change, and many have continued to work together to implement regulations aimed at reducing elements that constitute extreme climate change in the contemporary. In the United States, the republicans and democrats have warring notions concerning deforestation and on overall climate conservation strategies. The republicans consider safety and human health as the most central elements of environmental concerns since humans are a valuable resource. Further, republicans posit that policies that support environmental conservation must also address economic development and growth and the excellence of private property rights. The democrats are sensitive about issues of deforestation. As a result, they continue to push for strategies that help to protect American forests from deforestation from individuals and companies seeking to set up business enterprises. Although American political leaders agree on the importance of environmental conservation, their policies on deforestation differ and are influenced by different objectives.

Trump’s Administration Position on Deforestation

The notions of republicans concerning environmental conservation influence trump’s decisions on deforestation. In an article publishes in Washington Post, Trump Pushes to allow New Logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the author says that in 2019, Trump asked the Agriculture Secretary to exempt the Tongass National Forest from logging restrictions that had been in existence for two decades (Eilperin and Dawsey 2019). The move has affected approximately half of the largest rainforest in the universe. Trump’s decision opened this rainforest to logging and mining projects, thus erasing environmental protection policies put in place by the Clinton administration. Trump’s decision came during a time when forest service officials planned to implement more changes to manage the institution’s vastest holding, resuscitates a fight that Clinton and Obama’s administrations had settled. The Forest Service of the United States has planned to phase out logging in Tongass. Trump insisted that the regulations against logging around the nations were hurting its ability to develop a sustainable economy, especially within the Southeast region, where one-percent of land is privately owned(Eilperin and Dawsey2019). The president further argued that the timber industry was declining at an alarming rate, a factor that is hurting the national economy. Trump’s administration believes that the logging industry has the potential to improve the overall nation’s economy, and with proper regulations, it does not pose any negative effects on the environment.

Democrats Position on Deforestation

            Over the years, the Democrats have remained committed to protecting the environment against human activities such as deforestation. Using scientific studies, democrats argue that deforestation is among the leading causes of climate change in society. Unlike the Republicans who argue that deforestation can be used to promote the nation’s economy, democrats argue that it poses an actual threat to the economy of the United States, as well as the national security and the health and future of Americans. Democrats are dedicated to curbing the impact of deforestation, protecting the nation’s natural resources, and fight to ensure the quality of land, water, and air for existing and future generations (Davis et al. 2016). Further, Democrats have invested in clean energy to protect the environment. Further, they are constantly working to address some of the nation’s most challenging environmental shortcomings, thus making way for a sustainable nation.

Under President Obama, democrats achieve great strides to combat climate change and ensure the protection of lands against deforestation. In a bid to protect rainforests against deforestation, President Barrack Obama endorsed a scheme that helped to curb logging business in the United States and other nations around the world. During the Copenhagen climate summit, Obama supported a plan implemented by Brazil and Norway by offering funds to meet the objectives of the plan. Even under Trump’s regime, democrats have continued to push to curb deforestation. In the wake of a new Green Deal, Senate Democrats are ready with a counteroffensive measure to combat deforestation and climate change in the 2020 campaigns. In a speech given by Senator Chuck Schumer, a new strategy has been implemented to embrace the Green New Deal(Davenport, Coral, and Stolberg 2019). Even though this new deal has created a rift between the democrats and republicans, with the late accusing the former of pushing for socialism, democrats are determined to use climate change, especially deforestation, as a central issue during the campaign trail.

Republicans Position on Deforestation

Republicans have been accused of being ‘climate and extinction’ deniers whose officials constantly sow doubt about the extinction crisis threatening the current society. For decades, republicans, alongside their patrons have continued to advocate for the use of fossil fuels and constantly support questionable scientific studies that support the notion that climate crisis is a hoax. As mentioned, republicans believe that activities such as logging can be regulated to benefit the economic structure of the nation. The Trump administration has so far supported the idea of expansion of logging business in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska(Eilperin, Juliet, and Dawsey2019). The forest is approximately seventeen million acres and is the largest rainforest in North America. For a long time, logging in this forest was illegal, with former administrations citing that deforestation of this forest could lead to extreme climate change. However, Trump’s administration believes if the logging business in this forest is revived, it could have posit impacts on the nation’s economic structure. Further, by getting rid of the ‘road-less rule,’ Alaska’s transportation system will be improved.

Compare and Contrast

Even with the varying notions between the republicans and democrats, Americans agree that environmental conservation is important to current and future generations. Further, they agree that factors such as deforestation are among the leading causes of extreme climate changes in the world. However, the two parties have differing notions about deforestation. The republicans seem more concerned about the economic growth of the nation and continue to use deforestation to grow the nation’s logging industry(Eilperin and Dawsey 2019). President Trump and his administration argue that the logging industry is responsible for generating millions of dollars annually. Therefore, with proper legal restrictions, the logging business could help to build the socio-economic and political structure of society.

The democrats, on the other hand, posit that deforestation affects the ecosystem and attracts dangerous climate changes that affect the lives of humans and wildlife. They believe that the logging business has more cons than pros and, if allowed, could destroy rain forests such as the Amazon. Democrats are against deforestation and maintain that more legal policies are required to lessen the influence of the republicans on the issue of deforestation(Davis et al. 2016). While the Republicans have continued to push for laws that legalize the destruction of America’s forest, the decisions made by the democrats are aimed at sensitizing the society, ensuring that Americans understand the dangers of deforestation during a time when the world is struggling to curb effects of climate change.


While the democrats believe deforestation is among the world’s leading causes of climate change, the republicans believe that deforestation could be used to improve the economic structure of the nation. Trump’s administration has implemented laws that lessen the grip of regulations imposed by former regimes. The republicans believe that activities such as deforestation could improve the economic structure of American by reviving the nation’s logging business. On the other hand, democrats argue that deforestation has adverse impacts on the environment. As a result, they have continued to push for regulations that protect American forests from deforestation.


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