Trade Unions Care About Equality Ecology And Equity



Why should trade unions care about equality ecology and equity?

Trade unions are created to fight for the rights of employees who do not have a voice. The economic system of the global has been changing over the years due to the existence of key factors. Some of the factors that have affected these dynamics are globalization, capitalism, democracy, and industrialization. The following factors affect each other in one way or another making them interdependent. Globalization is the continued integration of different nationalities which leads to the exchange of culture, ideologies, inventions and innovations. Globalization enhances capitalism and industrialization. These two factors promote the maximization of output through increased production. The population of all countries continues to rise due to increased living standards. This in turn, led to the creation of households that need to maintain their same form of lifestyle. One of the end results of these factors is the increase of industries so as to accommodate the rate of employment. This is primarily ideal for the growth and sustainability of the country as a whole in that it contributes to an enormous amount of advantages to the population (Panitch, 2001).

One of the issues that have however come with the change of the economic system is the lack of proper provision of employee welfare. The increased rate of employees has led to the strain in terms of maintaining the working standards. Working conditions in this case are reflective of the working hours, payment of wages, working environment and employee satisfaction. The economic system has seen the growth of large successful companies at the expense of the employees. This has led to the marginalization of a portion of the population creation the existence of classes. This is a serious issue owing to the significant difference between the rich and the poor. One of the ways that the situation can be corrected is the creation of trade unions. Trade unions rally for the rights and privileges of employees whose employers do not meet the adequate standards. Trade unions are more effective due to the presence of influential figures in the organizations. It is this vital for employees to be members of trade unions so as to make their grievances public. Trade unions have contributed considerably to the improvement of the working standards of the country as a whole. Their awareness is thus encouraged so that the marginalization gap can reduce in the years to come (Panitch, 2001).

Trade unions should care about ecological sustainability due to the effects the increased development brings to the environment. The sustainability of the ecosystem is at risk mainly because of ignorance of the large corporations. Most of the companies are intent on creating profit as opposed to monitoring their activities. Companies rely on a large amount of fuel to perform most of their activities. This creates environmental factors like global warming and the widening of the ozone layer. Such factors are responsible for the depreciating environmental standards which will affect the sustainability of all living things in the long run. Trade unions make the ecosystem one of their principle causes so as to promote the proper treatment of the remaining resources present (Panitch, 2001).

Should trade unions collaborate with unions and other countries?

Trade unions should definitely collaborate with unions in other countries. As stated earlier most economics system owe their existence to factors such as globalization, capitalism and industrialization. One of the elements of these factors is that they promote collaboration amongst different countries across the globe. Companies presently focus on the expansion of their goods and services to other countries. This creates the development of multinationals in different parts of the world. Multinationals like other large companies are notorious for ignoring the rights of their employees. Some of the large companies take advantage of the location of their companies such as third world countries. These countries are prone to a high level of corruption by public officials making them a target for unethical treatment by employers. It is therefore essential for trade unions to transfer their focus on such countries. One of the ways that the unions can monitor situations in other locations is by opening up alternative branches. These can rally for the needs of the employees by reflecting on the treatment of their counterparts. Another way that this can be performed effectively is by forming alliances with leading unions in the respective countries. Each country ensures the existence of trade unions that focus on different types of employee related issues. Unions can collaborate with partners that have the same objectives so as to make their stance more effective. This can as a result improve the working conditions of employees in different parts of the world (Panitch, 2001).


Trade unions were created to monitor the activities of large corporations that employ a considerable number of employees. The unions have developed to the extent that they diversify their objectives to meet needs of their employees. Unions ensure better treatment for employees in all walks of life. It is therefore pivotal for the government to recognize the work of the unions so as to improve the services they offer to their members.




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