Tour package in wadden sea region

Request for a client- tour package

The Wadden Sea region is one of the most attractive sites in the world. You can be sure to spend good time during your summer holidays in this amazing region. The region has various tourist sites that would make all lovers of adventure have a wonderful time during their visit to this attractive region. Lovers of adventure would be in a good position to witness new geographical sceneries and new climate. As a student who loves sports, you will have the chance to enjoy a range of sports that have been specifically developed for the purpose of tourists. You will be guided all through the five days of vacation.

Day 1

In the first day, you will be guided through the program and the most essential parts of your holiday trip. A number of trained tour guides would be available to help you in familiarizing with the new environment. A classic accommodation would be provided to you. You may have to choose from the variety of hotels in the North Sea Coast but the tour guides would guide you through this process. You will then enjoy a range of water sports including swimming, diving, snorkeling, synchronized diving, boat skating, and water polo among other water sports. Other sports like cycling and hiking would make you time off academics very relaxing. In the same day, you will be guided through an overview of the available attractions in the region. You may not cover the entire region within five days and this would help you optimize your vacation.

Day 2

In day 2 you will be guided through the most attractive sites in the region such the unique landscapes, barrier reefs. This region is highly attractive to tourists due to the coastal features and would be suitable for nature excursion in the second day. Its aspect of forming a shallow water body at the edge of the massive sea will overwhelm you. The body of water has tidal flats as well as wetlands that would attract your attention. You will definitely enjoy the scenic area including the sea, the beautiful beaches, the Lauwerseer, and the attractive dunes in the North Sea. From here, you can initiate various fun activities including trawler fishing, walking across mud flats, and seal expedition.

Day 3

In this day, you will enjoy a great picture from the existing biodiversity in the region. This includes attractive wild life that consists of fauna and flora. The great features within this region have made it to be incorporated in the list of World Heritage attraction sites, a fact that would elaborated to you in this day of your visit. The region is among the few tourist sites whose coastline is based on human modification. You will find a number of artificial attractions like causeway and a system of dykes. Within the third day of your stay during this summer vacation, the day will be great and the other two days would be seen with anxiety and high expectations.

Day 4

You will have a vast region to cover because the region stretches for hundreds of kilometers and has an area of about 10,000 square kilometers. This may not be a major problem because transport is provided for you for the entire period. In this day you will visit the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden , which is a Sea National Park. This park is the largest national park in Europe. In the national park, you will enjoy a variety of attractions including small hailing islands, unprotected dykes, and a number of sea life. In the same day you will visit the Pieterburen sanctuary. Here is where sick or weak seals are taken for special care. You would be able to see what the seals are fed.

Day 5

In this day, you would have covered the most important attractive sites and enjoyed your best sports. This day would be the best day to optimize your trip. You may wish to collect information for your diary or for remembrance of this great occasion. In the last day you will visit the Noordkust Country Estate to see how it offers education and excursion to tourists and can be included as part of the package. The availability of tour guides would ease everything for you. The tour guides would guide you through the rest of attractive sites if you have no data to collect or through any information you need if data collection would be necessary. In the evening, everything would be arranged for you in case you would be willing to return home immediately. This would be a great moment for you. All you need is financial, emotional, and physical readiness. Accommodation ranges from $90 to 200$ per night. The best and cheap hotel for a student like you is the Im Schützenhof situated in Schuetzenhofstrasse 47, Jever. This goes for only $114 per night.

Transport cost would be included in the entire touring activities and would range from $400 each day. You would have to use the tour vehicles to achieve this cost since private means would be too costly for a student like you. The minimum amount you may spend during the entire vacation is $3000 excluding flight cost and personal expenses. All tourists’ services are relatively cheap in this region. Enjoy your visit




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