Theatre Company Manager job description

The conventional liabilities of a firm manager, also termed as the general manager alters depending on the industry and the corporation operated. A general manager is role is to ensure the effective operation of a business premise and to incorporate certain primary liabilities that are applicable to managers across a variety of industries.

Theatre Corporation Managers (TCM) are a good example of managers who control live on-and-off T Broadway art related productions. The managers assist in undertaking tour productions and certain local productions in regional theatres across the nation. These are used to drive the routine operations in order to support artistic groups. They also bring the directors of production together in a bid to facilitate better production (Gillette, 2012).

As a personal ambition, I am working towards becoming a Theatre Company Manager (TCM) because I am passionate about film production and acting related fields. This context highlights the functions and tasks that I must undertake as a TCM. It specifically describes the tools and technology that I must employ in order to be successful, the knowledge I need to become effective, skills and abilities, as well as, the intellectual requirements that I must attain in order to venture into this field.


As a Theatre Company Manager, my key responsibilities will entail coordinating the workers in the corporation such as the musicians, actors, and production staff. I will also be responsible for supervising and administering contract arbitrations. Organized travel and accommodation will ensure individual payment schemes (Malik, 2006). Another massive task that I must undertake is controlling behind-the-scenes features. This will assist in the delivery of the shows on time and under a specific budget. I am also aware that I must work closely with the technical team in charge of the production in order to realize the executive visions into realities. The organization plan will help in preparing strategies, objectives, and roadmaps before the actual implementation of events.

Tools and Technology

In order to be effective in my operation, I must employ advanced tools that employ contemporary technology in the cinema industry. First, I must make sure that I acquire the effects of the best and latest camera for film shooting or recording stage performances (Gillette, 2012). Other requirements include the graphics featured computers that will enable effective editing and combination of scenes, which are significant for credible production. The company studio must also be well equipped with modern musical instruments that enhance production. My team of actors must contain young, energetic, and creative minds that are able to deliver and compete with rival theatre companies.

Selection Methods


The extent of prior experience is required in appointing the theatre company manager. Applying this criterion is ideal since different selection methods are employed by different theatres depending on their unique needs. Some theatres are specialized in music production only, while others are more into acting activities (Gillette, 2012). For instance, the Herford Dance Theatre anticipates the company’s head to have at least a related degree and at least two years of events management in addition to administrative experience. This is the first method, which involves the interview and experience.

On the other hand, the Spoleto Festival has a regulation that the managers must have partial experience in extensive event organization and arts administration, but it does not specify the level of experience (Malik, 2006). This means that the company can use both the practical or field-testing and the interview methods to select the preferred manager.

The company manager of the United States National Voyage of Beauty and the Beast, Mr. Rand Meyer, informed the Southern Carolina that supplementing a business background with experience in the theatre would assist a person triumph as a company administrator (Gillette, 2012). Both methods are appropriate for selection managers in the theatre industry but I prefer the second method. This is because it will entail adequate interviews and opportunities to deal with the activities in the field to prove my competency. I can easily prove my competency through this method because good managers are not only good speakers, but practical duty executers.

Skills and Abilities

As a company manager in a creative field like the art industry, I must be well organized so that I am able to interact and work effectively with others as well as independently. In addition, I must be an experienced communicator with effective communication skills (Malik, 2006). I need to be at ease when working in a swift-paced surrounding and have the ability to identify solutions to problems faster. I am confident that I will achieve success because I am passionate about theatrical productions and have undertaken stage performances on a number of occasions. My passion will allow me to spend a lot of time watching my team in action, first during the rehearsals and on opening nights.

Educational Requirements

I can study theatre administration in institutions like colleges or universities where I can earn a bachelor’s degree in the field. The program is covered in a period of years, which are sufficient to give me a good understanding of the theatrical procedures, performing arts administration, marketing, financial administration, strategic planning, and human resource activities (Gillette, 2012). The program also engrosses internship chances at corporations in different cities across the country. A bachelor’s degree in theatre management will enable me to have the skills and ability to become a great theatre manager qualified to work in any of the great theatres in the country.



Gillette, J. M. (2012). Theatrical design and production: An introduction to scene design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, and makeup. Dubuque, Iowa: McGraw-Hill Companies.

Malik, F. (2006). Managing Performing Living. Frankfurt is Main: Campus Verlag GmbH.





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