The Wireless Cafe in Shanghai

The Wireless Cafe in Shanghai

Part 1

IT has a pivotal role in empowering the performance of the organizations in turbulent

business environments through the provision of various solutions. Such solutions can include big data, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relation Management (CRM). IT is the leading infrastructure components include hardware, software, networking platforms, consulting systems, operating systems, and so forth. Each of these components has a unique role in enhancing the organization’s productivity and performance.

In almost all organizations where IT is a cornerstone of innovations, integrating information of customers in a shared database is very vital. Thus, CRM systems can be used for this case, and as well as facilitate companies to interact with their customers effectively and improve their customer relation services. ERP solutions enable organizations to efficiently and effectively manage resources. ERP improves the productivity of the organizations by integrating various departmental information into a central database.

Part 2

The most spectacular cafe at the heart of China’s is the Shanghai Wireless Cafe. The cafe receives plenty of admirations from a wide range of customers due to its delicious meals. Glass noodles and grilled beef accompanied with orange-ginger broth serve as part of their main dishes and steamed crab offered in their starters menu. The Wireless Cafe is appealing to most customers due to its state of the art dining experience and strategic location near Huangpu river, which provides a splendid view. Other attraction to this cafe is its free Wi-Fi connection, display and printing services, and the ability to fulfill the presentation needs of the customers who visit the café for business purposes.

The cafe has a hierarchical leadership structure with Jade Leung and Jimmy Kwok at the top as the owners of the cafe. Head chef and manager follow the cafe owners at the second level, followed by the sous chef and others such as stewards, and tech support closing the hierarchy. William Feng serves as the head chef. It has received the Award of  “Golden Chopsticks” for offering the excellent Chinese cuisine and another one for providing the outstanding wireless connection awarded by Shanghai Reader’s Survey Restaurant.

The latest job opportunities provided by this Café are for the position of the assistant chef, technician(wireless), and event manager. Anyone wishing to get in touch with the cafe’s management can use provision of telephone, email as provided on the website or visit the café in person. The intranet of the Wireless Cafe allows its employees to log in and access intimate details

about the cafe. There is no doubt that the cafe is a digital enterprise. It has embraced the latest technology in providing services. Reservation of services can be made online through their digitalized online and ordering system (“”, 2019). Just like any other enterprise, Wireless cafe’s primary market pressure is gaining a competitive advantage over other cafes by offering a reasonable price to the customers and adopting innovative IT solutions that boost their services. For societal pressure, the cafe strives to provide hygienic and good quality food to the customers and provide the customers with excellent services.

Part 3

To fully understand the latest operations of Wireless Cafe,  the following questions formulated based on “IT Performance Model”  can be used:

1) What is the goal and vision of the Wireless Cafe?

2) How does it plan to use modern technology to retain its competitive advantage with mushrooming of new cafes?  How will its workflow be automated to utilize virtualized solutions?

3) Does the Wireless cafe have plans to extend its business? What services will it be offering after the extension? Will the extension affect current workflow?

With the fast-paced technological advances,  adoption of 5G connectivity, and use of data analytics tools as emerging technologies can massively enhance business operations of Wireless cafe in the future. The technologies mentioned can bring desirable transformation to the cafe’s investment. The commitment of Wireless cafe towards ensuring the need of customers can be fast-tracked by 5G technologies which can provide fast and steady internet connectivity that can transfer data in real time (Andrews et al., 2012). Data analytics can enable the cafe to get relevant insights from data generated daily in their systems, which can highly improve their service provision and as a result allowing their business to grow.

The potential competitor of this Wireless Cafe can be any that incorporates technology in their service provision. Such cafes can provide their services at relatively fair prices with more secondary benefits that may pose stiff competition on Wireless Cafe. Among the five forces of Porter’s model (Dälken, 2014).  Competition has the highest influence. Healthy competition among various cafes stands to push Wireless cafe to opt to improve on its services as a way of sustaining the competition. The dominant competitive strategy of Wireless cafe is its well-curated  IT strategy of blanketing the cafe with a free internet connection, wireless printing, and peripheral services.

The cafe’s visibility is very paramount for its progress; social networking websites can play a vital role in its achievement. The cafe can create pages on networking platforms such as Facebook. As the number of followers increases on created pages,  the visibility and popularity of the cafe steadily rise.  New customers get attracted as they access relevant details about the cafe, including unique sceneries surrounding the cafe. Reviews from followers can as well enable the cafe to improve its capabilities.


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