“The shadow” by Yevgeni shvarts analysis


The Russian playwright Yevgeni Shvarts has employed a fairy tale style of characterization in the play “the shadow.” I appreciate his ability to place the key characters in the play based on a contemporary society of the Soviet republic. This means that the analysis of the play “the shadow” by Shvarts has relevance to existing communities in the Russian population. This is evident in the presentation of the didactic tone through the characters that are carefully aligned during the plot of the play. The setting of the shadow presents the characters in modern society and is extended to address contemporary issues of the Russian literature appreciation style (Evgeny 390). I acknowledge that the play provides a perfect characterization of the real-life setting in society because the author has highlighted the issues affecting people in society.

The introduction of “The Shadow” by Yevgeni is highlighted by the thematic presentation of a society’s impunity on corruption. Characters who exhibit natural traits of satirical approach highlight this dominating element. The author has established an imaginative nature to developing character traits in a way that is relevant to the prevailing societal issues. “The shadow” establishes a connection to the audience by embracing a satirical focus from the characters and has a happy ending. In my opinion, Yevgeni presents a unique stylistic play that captures a historical design from Russian literature appreciation.

The characters in the play, “The Shadow,” are integrated from a background of the Andersen story (Evgeny 428). I like this form of characterization that is customary in the Russian folk genre since it gives credibility to a playwright. I have observed that the characters in the play are carefully moulded to depict imaginative satire and to drive the plot of the play. This is evident by the definite character roles that connect the acts and the scenes as well as develop the themes in the play. I also determined that in the play, the characters are represented in a unique manner that is easily described as a mature fairy tale suitable for the adult audience. The aspect in the adult viewer digression was a common approach depicted in the Russian theatre.

The adult viewer digression is a recommended cautious approach. According to this style, the characters have used extreme mature language, which has mature moral implications and interpretations. In my point of view, this style is not a suitable genre for young viewers and does not relate to the young audience. The nature of the characters in the play are dubious with events that have an illogical sequence and scary in nature. I discovered that the analysis of the characters in the play define the critical approach by the author which can be termed modern artistic. This is because the characters are derived from the real world and have an imaginary setting that entails historical facts. From my analysis, it is clear that the characters establish a connection with the audience through the display of moods and feelings.

I like the way the author expresses the themes together with the characters in a framework where the heroes are closely tied to the play. The character appearance in the play defines the events of the play and the logic in the play is identified by the character’s role. This is a historic aspect of characterization that can be traced in the Russian culture and was widely used by popular playwrights. I concur with the claim that Yevgeny Schvarts is a legend appreciated for the unique characterization in the fairy tales of Russian literature narration.


Work Cited

Evgeny Lvovich Shvarts. The shadow: A Fairy Tale in Three Acts.



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