The role of the court in the interpretation of the country’s constitution.

Question 2

The United States of America has tremendous respect for the law of the land. Although the court does not create laws, it plays a crucial role in the interpretation of the country’s constitution. This role explains why various landmark cases that made their way up to the federal Supreme Court have shaped various aspects of the country as it is known today. Such aspects include politics, business, religion and social interactions. In my opinion, the court’s influence on even the most important issue in the country translates into an enormous responsibility. Thus, the court must be extremely cautious in the execution of its mandate.

Question 3

  1. Being an activist for a judge implies giving rulings based on personal opinion rather than using the law. An example is the Brown V. Board of Education in 1984. The ruling is considered judicial activism since the courtruled that segregated schools violate the Equal Protection Clause based on the bench’s opinion that racial separation of students inherently creates an unequal learning environment.
  2. For a judge, being a restrainist means limiting one’s power in ruling over cases. It also implies being hesitant to strike down laws unless their unconstitutionality is obvious. The approach was demonstrated in Plessy V. Ferguson where railroad cars’ racial segregation was upheld. The ruling fits this definition as it established the doctrine of “separate-but-equal”
  3. Judicial activism is necessary when there is a tendency by the majority to ignore upright reasoning and act based on passion or prejudice. This means that judges can use their power to stop individuals with the intention to abuse their democratic privileges. An example is the Citizens v. Federal Elections Commission (2010) which resulted in overturning an electoral law provision limiting union and corporate spending on political advertisement.
  4. The Right to Privacyexists under the federal constitution. This is because the constitution contains several provisions including the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments that limit violation of privacy. The Fourth Amendment, for example, protects individuals from unnecessary and unreasonable seizures and searches by enforcement agencies.

Question 4

  1. Socialization factors that might determine from which news source a person would get his/herinformation regarding politicsincludes family, peer groups, workplaces, religion and school. These factors shape individual beliefs about various types of sources of political information.
  2. Television is the most popular medium for news in America. The large popularity is due to traditional habits and trust accorded to news presented through TV. However, the popularity of broadcast TV is falling as more people opt to use broadband internet to view over-the-top video-on-demand. This trend is because video-on-demand can be viewed through mobile devices that have become very common and offer more flexibility in terms of time and choice of content to watch.
  3. Determination of accuracy of the news report requires an analysis of the type and quality of evidence presented in the report. Media sources vary in their level of reliability. Sources such as personal websites or blogs offer less reliable information compared to organizational websites, gazettes, and broadcast TV as they are less controlled.
  4. Overall, the media has a tremendous influence on American society. Members of the society form opinion about the world, based on what the media presents to them. Based on how and how much factual information is presented to society, people may form a negative or positive perception of issues and events.

Question 6

  1. The presentation of President Kennedy’s assassination by television media was too brief. It lacks details such as who shot the president, how and why. As it was, it must have left the audience with so manyquestions and few answers.
  2. `Modern Broadcast media could give such crucial information more priority and urgency. Due to advanced technology that is in use today, it would be possible to get more details about such an important occurrence and even allow the broadcast to follow and give audience live events surrounding the assassination of the president.

Alisa Miller report on news media reporting in 2007 with Iraqi War in full engagement:

  1. The American media does not give much attention to global news even when they are important. According to Miller, most news is sourced locally to reduce cost. Today, specific issues that may distort coverage are international policy, politics and cost of maintaining bureaus in foreign countries.
  2. The media “prime” the public by overemphasizing local news. An example In Miller’s video is the February 2007 Map. In that map, several important international events such as the dismantling of North Korean Nuclear facilities, Indonesian massive flooding an IPCC report on human impact on global warming, but the media choose to cover the death of Anna Nicole Smith whose coverage was ten times the report of IPPC.
  3. The media can frame events by varying the number of facts about an issue or event they give to the public. In Miller’s video, she observed that several content creators on Google cover the same little international news and omit details denying the audience to put things into perspective.

Question 7

In my opinion, Neil Irwin, author of “What if Sociologist Had as Much Influence as Economists?” presents a crucial point that might be the missing ingredient in modern corporate and government leadership. While economics is a vital consideration in decision making in many organizations, the discipline has been accorded more attention than it should. Other disciplines such as psychology and sociology should be incorporated into decision-making.

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