The procedures, critical participants in this project, and the sources of funds to facilitate this project


In this section, we will explain some of the procedures, critical participants in this project, and the sources of funds to facilitate this project.

SWOT Analysis



1.      We have established a stable source of funding for our project. The sources include; Pepsi company and Deutsche Bank.

2.      We have well-structured social networking, which is already functional. Our customers are already asking when the face masks will ready.

3.      We have established a strong partnership with our stakeholders.



1.      We have little knowledge of the consumer needs and specifications due to the lockdown situation, which limits physical interactions.

2.      We cannot be able to ascertain the size of our first output. This is due to a poor experience in the manufacturing of face masks which limits our knowledge of demand.



1.      Our project is open for new stakeholders who may offer new ideas and raise more funds.

2.      We have an opportunity to know the demand and preferences of our customers through our well planned social listening.




1.      Inadequate and limited knowledge of the procedure for manufacturing face masks is the biggest threat to our project. This threat is informed by limited research on the Covid-19 face masks.



The Proposed Approach

In this project, we will use social networking as the central means of communication. Some of the sites and apps we will network through include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and WhatsApp. These platforms will enable us as the proponents to plan, organize, and link with the key participants and potential buyers of our masks. Further, we will add to our Facebook group some of the people who are interested in our project. The use of social networks aims to find friendship with potential partners, and concerned sponsors, as well as potential customers.

Furthermore, we will deliver and listen to information about our masks through social media apps and sites. Photos of the designs of the proposed face masks will be uploaded to our social networks, where our friends will be able to view them. Moreover, we shall welcome any interested person, sponsor, or customer who would like to learn more about our face masks.

Social listening will enable us to interact with customers and produce face masks that suit the requirements of the customers to remain competitive. Through accurate techniques, we will deliver ordered face masks to the customers. Facebook and Instagram will be utilized mostly to market our face masks.

Key Participants

The following will be the key participants in the production of facemasks; the project proponents, the department of health and human services, project sponsors, and environmental officers.

  • Project proponents: The mask production idea has been developed and thought of by a group of four people. We will be producing facemasks with the help of interested stakeholders and the necessary workforce.
  • Department of health and human services: Mask production in our company will follow the guidelines provided by the department of health and human services in the production of Covid-19 face masks. These guidelines will help us produce quality, effective, and efficient face masks. Our face masks shall comply with the standards dictated by the department of health and human services. Further, we will obtain a letter of permission from the respective departments, including the department of health and human services, before setting up the face mask company.
  • Project sponsors: After proper consultation, we found the following sponsors to be ready to enable the establishment and running of our face mask company. Firstly, our financial sponsor will be the Pepsi company. The company has agreed to be a corporate sponsor in our face mask producing company. Pepsi will provide the starting capital-funds and capital goods. Some of the capital goods the company has agreed to avail include machinery and equipment, all necessary tools, and procurement vehicles. Regarding this, the Pepsi company has decided to offer two vans and two semi-trucks.
  • Further, the company has offered some startup funds amounting to $2M. Secondly, we have secured Walt Disney as our media sponsor. This media company will help us advertise our face masks. So, we are assured of the media company to help market our face masks. We will be updating any information about our face masks in the media company. Finally, we have identified some promotional partners who will enable us to sell our face masks. We have in place some of the individuals who will promote the selling of our face masks.
  • Funding: We will rely on funds and capital goods from Pepsi company, who will be our corporate sponsor. Besides, we will be financed in the next six months by Deutsche

Target Population

Insights from credible sources and past experiences indicate the value of face masks in the prevention of the spread of bacteria and viruses. For instance, research on influenza, human coronaviruses, and influenza-like infection justify the ability of face masks in the prevention of tiny saliva droplets from an infected person to healthy people or physical surfaces.

Our target population will be the community at large and the health workers. The public will be able to use our face masks while moving within the community and at public places where there is a large number of people (Greenhalgh et al., 2020). Besides, health caregivers and hospital attendants will be able to use our face masks while attending to patients. It is our shared belief that doctors and health workers can be affected while attending to infected patients. The microscopic nature of Covid-19 makes it challenging to move aloft for a substantial period. Therefore, proper utilization of our face masks will help to prevent the spread of aloft virus into doctors and the public at large.

Our Market

We will sell our face masks at wholesale prices to health centers, community corrections, community households, pharmacies, and retail shops. Further, individuals will be able to access face masks directly from our company through a company visit.


Significance of The Project

            In the wake of Covid-19, several companies have enforced some policies as an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19. Such strategies include the face mask-wearing policy. Our project will complement such policies. Our company, through the use of specific guidelines set by the department of health and human services on the quality of face masks, will ensure quality masks. These masks will help prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Liu & Zhang, 2020). Credible sources indicate that the use of face masks plus regular handwashing and social distancing precludes the transmission of the highly contagious virus, thus saving lives.

Arguably, Covid-19 spread much quickly when aloft microscopic viral particles are breathed in a while at public places such as buses, trains, and market places (Leung et al., 2010). Touching our bare faces with contaminated hands increases the chances of infection. However, with the use of face masks, such means of transmission will be restricted. Among other means of the virus control, the use of face masks caters to the prevention of the transmission virus at public places. Additional, lockdowns, curfew hours, and quarantine measures have been adopted by governments to prevent the spread of the infection.

As a policy, walking at public places and, more specifically, in crowded places without a face mask is prohibited in most countries amid Covid-19. Therefore, our company will help enforce Covid-19 policies through the mass production of face masks. Thus, our project has a positive significance.

Limitations of The Project

This project has both methodological limitations and organizational limits.

Methodological Limitations

Some of the methodological limitations include; (1) Few previous research studies on Covid-19 and its prevention; (2) Population estimation(demand) limitation.

Limited Research On Covid-19: Our project will be limited by little existing body of knowledge about the Covid-19. There are few prior studies in the field of Covid-19. Arguably, this kind of virus has no history of existence. It is the first time we have experienced the infection; thus, there is little knowledge about the Coronavirus. Consequently, knowing the exact quality, effective, and efficient design of the face masks will challenge us. However, adherence to the set standards and guidelines in the production of the face mask will enable us to produce quality, effective, and efficient face masks. We will borrow the guidelines and standards set by the department of health and human services together with the World Health Organization standards in mass production of the face masks.

Demand Estimation Limitation: due to the several ventures into the face mask business, it will be a bit tricky for us to estimate our output and the demand for our face masks. Knowing the amounts to be produced will be difficult due to increased ventures into the face production business. However, we will start by creating few face masks and advance with time. Further, we aim to produce exemplary high-quality face masks that will remain competitive. Besides, we will lower the cost per face mask as a strategy to attract more customers.

Organizational Limitations

Specific organizational limitations are data accessibility on the Covid-19 face masks and cultural barriers in the use of Covid-19 face masks.

Data accessibility limitation: We anticipate a challenge in accessing customer feedback, especially those customers with limited access to social networks. We will need to listen to the minor specifications of the customers. Still, due to the lockdown situation and restricted movements, we will not be able to listen to our customers. However, through our social networking strategy, this limitation will be overcome. Further, social listening will be highly utilized in the whole production process.

Cultural Barriers in the Use of Face Masks: The effectiveness of the face masks in preventing the spread of Covid-19 has been limited due to different cultural views and beliefs. Some people do not believe in the transmission of disease; thus, they even don’t attend hospitals and health centers. Therefore, the reliance of such communities as a market for our face masks may fail to yield returns. However, through our advanced social networking, we will be able to persuade everybody to use our face masks.







Project Budget






 Price Per Item (US. $)






       Cost (US. $)



Face Mask Machines









1 Million



Labor cost












Delivery Vans



1.5 Million






4.5 Million



Direct Materials
















            7.3 Million


Our project will require an approximate amount of $7.3 Million. We will be sponsored with two vans and starting funds amounting to $2Million by the Pepsi company. Further, we will acquire $10Million from Deutsche Bank.

Works Cited

Liu, X., & Zhang, S. (2020). COVID‐19: Face Masks and Human‐to‐human Transmission. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses.

Greenhalgh, T., Schmid, M. B., Czypionka, T., Bassler, D., & Gruer, L. (2020). Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis. Bmj. 369.

Leung, C. C., Lam, T. H., & Cheng, K. K. (2020). Mass masking in the COVID-19 epidemic: people need guidance. Lancet, 395(10228), 945.


Speech Script

Hello Fellas, we believe you all know the current headlines on our media channels. Following the hot topic on curbing Covid-19 and as an effort to emphasize the government’s public policies on the matter, we now present to you our project on face mask production. Most of you here have ever worn a face mask while those who are yet to do so may have seen friends and strangers wearing them. Our project is set to use social networking as a strategy to note customer demands and preferences amid the Covid-19 lockdown situation. Moreover, we have the department of health and human services, Pepsi and Deutsche Bank, as our key stakeholders. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our shared belief that the community requires the face masks most as well as the service providers, such as health workers. Therefore, concerning our project, these two are our target population.

Most of you know the significance of face mask amid Covid-19. Face masks indeed prevent the spread of aloft tiny infected saliva droplets from an infected person. Thus, the use of face masks prevents the spread of the deadly virus. As you all know that each project is subjected to some limitations, the main impediment to our project is limited research on Covid-19 and its prevention measures.

As I conclude, our project is likely to require a startup capital of approximately $8 million. With the stakeholders we have engaged, we believe to be successful in our project. However, we cannot say that we have enough stakeholders-our project is open for anyone of you who may have an interest in producing Covid-19 face masks.

Thank you very much for your attention today.

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