The Power Grid Examination and analysis

1.0 Massachusetts, of the total power produced, what percentage is Nuclear?

A lot of power is produced in Massachusetts, and Nuclear Energy is extremely vital to the state. In Massachusetts, there is only one nuclear producing plant located in Plymouth County. Among other reactors of a commercial nature in America, the one at Plymouth is ranked twelfth from the largest ones. It is also known as the Pilgrim Nuclear Station. Its operator is known as the Entergy Nuclear Generation Company. It is located on land that is on sixteen hundred acres. Moreover, its construction is known to have cost 462.25 million dollars. The plant has a water reactor with three boiling capacities as well as having a general electric, which is single. Furthermore, it uses uranium dioxide, which is low enriched. Also, It has a cooling system, which makes use of water obtained from the Atlantic Ocean. The economy of Massachusetts depends heavily from energy in the form of electricity acquired during production and transmission. This means that various state agencies and companies that generate power are involved in this production of energy. In the state of Massachusetts, there is only one nuclear plant that is operating at the moment. The nuclear capacity it can produce is at 600MW, and compared to other American states it is not much. It does not produce a lot of nuclear power and thus ranked third from the list’s bottom with other nuclear producing states. The total amount of electricity capacity in Massachusetts is at 5% of the total nuclear power generated. Furthermore, the electricity generated from nuclear power is at 10%. Other sources of energy, which follow closely behind are coal as well as natural gas.

2.0Which is the best state to install solar power?

There are various criterions, which should be followed in order for a state to have the best conditions for solar power installation. It is believed that latitudes and the number of days when a state experiences sunshine makes it ideal for installing solar power. Others believe that regulatory policies and strong incentives are the better options in deciding about installing solar power. There are certain conditions, which have to exist, in order to engage in solar power installation. In this case, California would be the ideal state for solar power installation. It receives a lot of sunshine most times of the year, thus extremely suitable. Furthermore, it has an established program that will last for ten years and it concerns initiatives to engage in solar power installation. The cost of this initiative is at 3.3 billion dollars. California is known for producing the country’s latest solar technologies. Furthermore, it has the largest market for solar energy on a worldwide basis. California has proven that its level of solar insolation is high when in comparison with other states in the country. Moreover, it can produce solar energy in large amounts. It would be economical and affordable to install solar power due to the nature of economic activities in California. Moreover, California exists within grids that favor it in the production of solar power energy.

3.0How many sectors does the US grid have?



There are various electric grids in America, and they form a network that is extremely complex. Furthermore, they are operated and owned independently, and some include; transmission lines and power plants. In order to increase the efficiency of an electric utility in America, the use of technology, which is the smart grid, is being adopted. This means that the process is automated as well as remote computer based. The American energy department estimates that in order to reduce consumption levels of national energy, energy efficiency has to be increased. The result is that businesses and consumers will profit economically from this venture. It is estimated that there are many grids in the United States, and the exact figure is not known. There are various grids, and they are all involved in the production of energy, such as through distribution as well as transmission. This means that the grids must ensure that they transmit high voltage power to all American states. Some of the grids, which are used in this process are the ones involved in transmission and high voltage. There are plans by the American government to expand its grid in order to maintain its supply of energy.

4.0What is the name of the largest Hydropower Plant in the US?

The United States has an extremely large Hydropower plant known as the Grand Coulee Dam. There are a total of three power plants at the dam, and they produce large amounts of electricity. Approximately 6809 MW of energy is produced at the dam. The dam is found in Central Washington in the Columbia River. It is known as America’s most concrete structure. The Dam is also used for the purpose of providing recreation areas, for wildlife as well as for farming. Other large hydropower plants include; the Hoover Dam as well as the Diablo Dam.





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