The Lawsuit novel By Dnaguth Mahfouz


Most of Mahfouz’s work is through the inspiration he got from a renowned author from Egypt, known as Hafiz Najib. The result is that Mahfouz is now a renowned author. In his famous novel the ‘lawsuit’, a man who is the protagonist, is being sued by the widow of his late father. The reason for her, suing him, is because she wants to be paid for her upkeep.  This is because she believes that life has become extremely hard and needs support. She believes that the son has the right to make sure that she is comfortable with her life (Gioia, 2011). The consequences of her actions are disastrous on the family as well as the son. They are left to live without the inheritance, which their father has left them. The widow takes all that was meant to be shared by the whole family.

The son is described as being neutral, independent, reserved, inquisitive, mindful, curious, decent, as well as curious. These character traits are responsible for ensuring that he makes decisions, which favor other people. Since he was not dependent on his father’s wealth, he easily gave up what did not belong to him. After his father’s death, he claimed that he was not affected as much .He was mostly interested in matters related to learning, and did not give much attention to his father’s inheritance (Gioia, 2011). These are the reasons why he did not find anything wrong in helping out the widow of his father. He displays the traits of a man, whose conscience is clear and makes sure he does things which have been carefully thought of.

The first impression, which I have concerning this journal, is that there are problems affecting a family and a solution needs to be found. The journal seems interesting as it is not the typical western setting, which I am used to. The journal seems to be great, since the author is renowned all over the world. The fact that the author won a Nobel Prize makes it even more interesting to read (Ilan, 2005). There are essential aspects of this journal, which need to be known and they include; the themes, the characters, as well as the use of imagery and symbolism.

The different elements have been used to come up with an award-winning novel. The problems associated with inheritance seem to bother the family. This is especially felt by the widow, who believes that she deserves all the wealth, which was left behind. The other family members are not bothered by this, especially the dead man’s son. He gives everything to the widow without having any second thoughts. This shows that the, man is not interested in worldly possessions, rather things, which enrich his life, such as education (Diedrick, 2004).

After reading this novel, there are questions, which I believe need to be answered. Why does the widow want all the inheritance, yet she knows that there are other dependents. The reason why the son does not fight for what belongs to him and the other members of the family needs to be known.  The question of family ties in this society is extremely questionable and needs to be known (Deseret Morning News editorial, 2006). The personal connection I have to this story is that inheritance is a problem, which affects many people, including mine. The situation needs to be dealt with without having to involve the courts. In analysis of literature, one needs to ensure that they have the details concerning the essential aspects of the reading. As a result of having a journal, one remembers what they learnt easily and the information needed for the examination is obtained. Thus, it is necessary to have a journal when carrying out a literature analysis (Adams, 2001).


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