The central park nature beauties analysis

As the chilly wind blew across the park, which was a paradise to me, I noticed that other people were having a glimpse of what crossed my mind. The park maintained silence with all kinds of nature surrounding me. In almost all direction, vegetation is green and colorful out of the florid trees and short and beautiful bushes around the park. The wind would be heard clearly whistling through the green and beautifully structured trees. In a moment, I stood looking to the natural beauties and the sounds that could naturally be created without the assistance of human effort. The only efforts that seem to have been implanted by man are the pattern of vegetation in which case it can hardly be natural. The vegetation is scattered in a way that would allow people have a cool and soothing environment. Its great and beautiful environment could be reflected to its establishment in 1857 as indicated in a signpost that stands right in front of me. A mixture of flowers of various species and colours send nice and attractive scent creating a feeling of one wishing to stay there in eternity.

I did not hesitate to taste some nectar from flowers as I found it difficult to glare at the work of bees trying to extract nectar from the same flowers. I thought it was a great idea to have a taste of the nectar and it was actually great. I could hardly ignore that soft touch of green grass as I laid on the grass looking at the great scenery created by the sun as it was slowly varnishing in the yellow-orange horizon. Surprisingly, the wind was decreasing in intensity making the voices generated by the wind as it paves its way through the trees faded out. The sweet singing voices of birds were also dying out.

Horrible Experience

You can hardly imagine the contrast that existed in the same place that seemed as beautiful as a heaven on earth. While I enjoyed all this beautiful scenery and the sweet scent from the glowing colors of flowery plants or vegetation as one would call it, I was astonished by the claim of some people terming the park as unkempt. Some were claiming the park to be unsuitable for recreation purposes and that the city authority was not able to maintain the original beauty of the park. Everything looked new and great to me but surprisingly, my mind started working negatively and found myself siding with the opponents of what I was seeing. I soon noticed that all the sweet scent from flowers was dying out with my important sense of smell welcoming new horrible stink from nearby garbage. I was surprised and amazed and wondered how the human brain can work given that at first, I noticed nothing perplexing with the park and that everything was perfect to me. My mind had been tuned such that anything awful about the park had been hidden from my senses by the good things about this park. You can hardly imagine what certainly changed! Most of what seemed like bees turned out to be flies or what are commonly known as houseflies. The good thing about the park was fading to the back of my brain and noticed that some people where even holding onto their noses as an implication that the park is smelly.

Analysis of rhetorical tools used in the paper

The rhetorical tools used in the above description include metaphors, similes, personification, climax, and litotes. In the case of metaphors, a metaphor could be described as a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. In this case, a metaphor can be seen in the case where the park is referred to as a paradise. “…the chilly wind blew across the park, which was a paradise to me.” The park is indirectly compared to a paradise. The use of similes can be seen in the case where the park is compared to a heaven on earth. “….same place that seemed as beautiful as a heaven on earth.” A simile is a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds, usually formed with ‘like’ or ‘as’, like the case described above. Similes involve direct comparison whereby instead of a metaphor standing in place of something, one thing is likened to another. The same case of simile can be seen in this statement, “Most of what seemed like bees turned out to be flies…” Another case of rhetorical tool of writing as used in the description of the park in this case is the use of personification tool. In personification, the aspect of representing an abstract quality or idea as a person or creature is used. In this case, something that has no soul or life is given life to bring out a certain idea. In this case, the same tool is seen where the park is said to have maintained silence. This is quoted as, “The Park maintained silence with all kinds of nature surrounding me.” The part here is given the trait of having the capability to remain quiet. Litotes are also used in the description. Litotes involve understatement for rhetorical effect, especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary. This is seen in this statement; “…with my important sense of smell welcoming new horrible stink from nearby garbage.” The aspect of my senses of smell being very important and the aspect of welcoming are positive but the smell from nearby garbage is negative. The two phrase contrast significantly. The last case of rhetorical tools in this case is the use of polysyndeton, which involve using several conjunctions in close succession, especially where some might be omitted. This can be seen in this case as, “I was surprised and amazed and wondered how the human brain can work…”

This description is critical in showing how things could have many sides other than the first glimpse that a person may have on something. The human brain works under a coordination of many senses in which case everything may be very attractive based on a combination of a few senses but all of a sudden, everything may turn from being awesome to being awful. The fact that the park looked attractive to be at first could have been due to my first visit to the park. According to what I expected, my brain could capture the good aspect about the park but soon turned to point out the exact image of the park. It comes out that, making analysis about things we see or hear before making any positive or negative conclusions is of great importance.



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