The Career Path after Graduation

Many individuals go to school so that they can get a decent job. I came to the US to acquire a proper education. I also came here so that I could learn different culture from my own, mainly because it is widely claimed that the US’s culture is among the best in the world. As it follows, I consider the following five years as the beginning of my future career. After I graduated from high school, I did not feel like joining the college immediately. I acquired permission from my parents to travel for a while before I entered college. Since I wanted to learn English, I opted to travel to England, where I stayed for six months. After this, I visited some other parts of England. I then went back home, where I helped my father with running his business for less than a year. It was after this period when I decided to continue with my education, with the hope that I would be able to procure an appropriate job just like every young person did. Before I commenced with my education, I had several questions about where and how I was to complete it. I, therefore, consulted with my parents about their views and ideas. Since my father had studied in the US and German, he thought that I should complete my studies in the US, specifically in California; my mother supported the idea too. After this, I felt it was necessary to get other people’s opinions on the issue. So I asked the views of my friends, family friends, who well hugely successful in their businesses and jobs, and even some business owners, and they were all of the opinions that I should come study in the United States. After I had decided where I was going to study, I was faced with another challenge; of how I was going to support myself in the US. Though my father offered to help me with this, I found out that the Ministry of Education back home offered students like me scholarship programs. I decided to apply for the program, and they accepted my application. I considered this the best thing that has happened to me. I came to Chico in 2008 and immediately started n an English program. After I completed the program, I got accepted into Chico State. As soon as I became a student of the institution, I started to participate in numerous organizations and clubs on the campus. SIFE is one of these clubs that I attend, and it is among the most significant ones. In addition to this, I am trying to focus on SAP classes, and especially the elective courses. I did some research in which I found that the application is particularly marketable back home and that most specialists in the area are foreigners. I also want to get an internship in the US before I go back home. If I succeed in achieving all of my aspirations, I will be able to attain an excellent job in a reputable company back home. I plan to start my career in a reputable company once I get back home; like SABIC and Aramco, mainly because in such companies, I can continue further my knowledge and gain more experience and expertise. Such companies have highly qualified and experienced employees from whom I can learn from. In addition to this, I will have the chance to attend business seminars and training courses that can be beneficial for my career advancement. I plan to attain all these within my first five years. Later, after I have gained all the experience, and after I have achieved financial stability, I plan to start my own business. I am well aware of the challenges associated with beginning a new business but with the experience from my prior job, I will have the knowledge of numerous market needs, and I will also come up with a business plan that will enable me to start a successful business; one of my Chico professors has advised me as so. I have numerous business ideas, some of which might be viable and some of which are not. However, I am hoping that I can narrow down all these choices down after I get some considerable experience about the market needs and wants in the area I want to specialize in. the beginning of the new business will not be easy; it will probably deny my family and social time, but I am ready to sacrifice



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