Texas Three Websites History analysis



  1. The first website I found on the World Wide Web concerning Texas History is the ‘Texas Historic Sites Atlas’. I went to the search engine and then keyed in the words ‘Websites on Texas History’. It is during the first search that I found this helpful website. Upon opening the website, other websites appeared, and they had a lot of information regarding Texas history. The website’s intended audience is people interested in concerning Texas’s historical places, as well as its historical markers. It shows maps of where one can find sawmills, museums and courthouses in Texas. The site is extremely useful to tourists who want to have a tour of Texas historical sites. The authors of the website wanted its audience to be aware of what historic things exist in Texas, as well as their location. The site accomplishes the goals it sort to achieve. It is extremely useful, as it has a search engine whereby, one can key in specific information they want to obtain. Unfortunately, the aesthetics on the page are not appealing, as it is dull and unexciting. I would improve the page by making it more attractive, by putting pictures of some of the historical sites and monuments.
  2. The second website, which I found, is the ‘Texas History.com.’. Upon logging into the World Wide Web, it is the second website I found concerning Texas History. As I opened this website, there were no other pages. All the information is provided in the first page of the website. The site has vital information regarding where one can find information regarding Texas History. It recommends specific DVD’s and books which are found on the website. In fact, it advertises itself as a web store for DVD’s and books on Texas history. The targeted audience of this website is people who want to learn Texas history by watching or reading it. The authors of the website intended to market products, which concern matters on Texas history. The site accomplishes all the goals it sort to achieve. Furthermore, it has useful resources on Texas history. The content of the website has been written in a manner that is easily understood. The aesthetics on the webpage have been done well and the reader enjoys visiting the site. I believe that the site has been done well, and nothing needs to be done to improve it.
  3. The third website found on the World Wide Web is known as ‘Lone Star Junction’. I found this website on the third attempt to find one concerning Texas history. Upon opening the first page, there are other pages where one can find information. The site is beneficial for the purposes of providing a lot of information regarding Texas history. Some of the information includes; book reviews, the Texans and even forums. The site is useful for tourists and even people living in Texas, interested in its history. The authors accomplished their goal in coming up with the website. The site is extremely useful as well as accomplishing its goals. The writing style is well within the standards of website writing. The aesthetics are not attractive, and I would recommend adding photos and more information.

In conclusion, the three websites all provide information regarding Texas history. They are easy to use as accessing information has been made available. The second website is the only one, which has appealing aesthetics. It is also the only website, which has one page, while the others have many. Overall, the websites provided different audiences with information regarding Texas history.




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