Television Should Be Censored For Children



Abstract. 1

Introduction. 1

Why Television should be censored for Children under the Age of Sixteen. 2

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Television censoring has been an issue of debate for both the media community and parents today. While most media companies are devoted to providing entertainment for viewers of all ages, parents believe that most of the aired media content has proved more harm than good, especially for their children. Children are slowly imitating what they watch on television, which has in turn led to immorality and violence by the younger generations.  Controlling the content of programs in the media is necessary to promote moral behavior by individuals making up today’s younger generation.

Key words: Television censorship, adult content, children



The media plays a remarkably significant role in the present day. Radio, television, newspapers, and other forms of media are used as sources of information for both the young and old generations (Bignell, 2002). Apart from the daily news broadcasts, television networks are also responsible for screening programs for the entertainment watchers. Radio stations, on the other hand, broadcast various shows for the entertainment of their listeners. To meet the needs and requirements of their viewers, listeners, and readers, the media provides a variety of programs so as to ensure continuity of their media networks. This has, in turn, led to the creation and airing of various programs of different genres such as, fictional films, and adult films, among other things. However, it frequently happens that viewers and listeners are barraged with programs containing violence, as well as, foul language and adult content (, 2007). While most of these programs are specifically meant for adult audience, many young teenagers, and children find access to these materials. Consequently, this exposure carries a heavy implication on children, thus arousing the need for censorship of the media content.

This paper explains why television should be censored for children under the age of sixteen.

Why Television should be censored for Children under the Age of Sixteen

Modern society recognizes adults as people who are over the age of eighteen; therefore, anyone who has not reached this age bracket is considered a child. Owing to the content of most programs screened and aired in the media, the youth is gradually being besmirched by television (Noorani, 1997). Psychologists explain that children under the age of sixteen are prone to impersonating their immediate environments, making it easy for them to be brainwashed by the media. Teenagers obsess about the characters they see on television and they strive to live a life similar to what they see on television. Their obsession with glamour, fiction, and romance leads prompts them to engage in activities that are too impractical for their young ages.  For example, programs that contain sex scenes influence these children into sexual behavior, which they engage in before they become adults.

Notably, the risks associated with violence, sexual, and other risky behaviors are rarely displayed by these programs, with most of the programs depicting these things as good (, 2007). By doing this, children fail to see their actions as inappropriate, thus decreasing morality and good behavior by children and teenagers in the society. Most parents feel that the media has been the cause of moral degradation in the present society, and they believe that censorship of television and other forms of media will help in curbing this problem in society.


It is important that television be censored for children under the age of sixteen to avoid exposure of inappropriate materials for these children. If this is not done, the society will continue suffering from moral degradation, which poses a great risk to the present and future generations.



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