Television production and programming


Television in several parts of the globe has evolved into a new era. This is as a result of an exceptional intersection of contemporary transmission and reception technologies, innovative structures of financing, new ways of imagining the viewers, novel outlines of content and innovative constructions of the television as a commodity (Womack 49).

A Brief History And Current Formats
As an assistant floor manager in an evening magazine show, the practical experience was most fascinating. This role entails new learning and analysis of skills, theory, structures and roles in relation to the production process and teamwork. It is noteworthy that the TV production field has a rich history that is greatly inspiring.The surfacing of format programming has facilitated other capitals like Amsterdam, Berlin, and London, to rise to eminence. Television genres included talent contests, game shows, home and self-improvement programs, as well as hidden-camera documentaries. They have currently evolved into centralized types of programming output. These program forms emphasize the capacity of the average person to appear on television andare an ingredient of the neoliberal zeitgeist (Bolter 205).

As an assistant floor manager, I have come to appreciate the perspective of Cury (105), that there are several interconnected elements of a planetary structure that are complexly interconnected and changing. First, the media industry componentis composed of seven massive transnational corporations that are supplemented by additional conglomerates with strong regional transactions or those with that have worldwide reach focus on niche markets. Secondly, there is the technological infrastructure in the structure of global communication networks that embrace satellite, cable, as well as the Internet. This maintains and facilitates the functions of these organizations. In addition,there is the entertainment and news content as well as associated services and data that circulate throughout the system. Finally, there is a worldwide regulatory regime that embraces various worldwide bodies, trade and technical agreements, and legal verdicts and ordinances.

Several autonomous television companies have graduate openings, which function on an individual corporation basis.  These companies are likely to advertise on their websites, in the Broadcast magazine or in the local press. I attribute my appointment as an assistant floor manager for the evening magazine show to the fact that, the development of cable as well as satellite television has generated numerous opportunities throughout the entertainment and television industry. However, current trends in the field of programming may result into a reduction in the necessity for floor managers. In the event that opportunities crop up, appointments for the position of floor managers are made for every production on an ad hoc basis. Direct entry into the industry as a floor manager is rare and one should be ready to assume an administrative position in television to acquire understanding of the industry. In my experience in the television industry, I have come to realize that the broadcasting industry has a history of programs to promote professions in the industry to poorly represented groups, particularly ethnic minorities.

Current format programs. Working as an assistant floor manager I realized that it requires an extensive knowledge of every TV related job. In particular the jobs on the studio floor therefore armed with my training, I have been able to have a firm grip of numerous technical areas. In this regard I concur that my training also assisted me in developing my people skills that are fundamental when I would work as component of a team. I realized from first hand experience that, in format programs what is aired may be a new program fashioned in a different territory and employing theformat of the original as a type of template that would facilitate in directing the remaking of the version.

For instance, the format for The Block (Channel Nine), an Australian-developed series transmits extensive information as well as advice for prospective producers in other locations on the globe. Theformat package contains financingguidelines relating to the costs of purchasing the property for makeover. Obviously, the elements included in a format package vary significantlydepending on the genre, program, and time(Womack 49).

The legalities of production management and entertainment. The initial task in TV and entertainment production is to choose and initiate a business entity for the production.  This is important regardless of the production. The rationale of creating and utilizing a business entity is to look forward to four principal areas. These areas include financing, control, taxation, and liability. Control entails to the way in which the producer plans to maintain and manage control of the project. This involves issues such as ownership of intellectual property. It also entails ownership of the right of management of the financial, creative, and commercial aspects of the project. Financing entails the source of funds for the production including interaction with investors.  Liability, in this case, entails the obligations accrued by the production as well as the producer’s individual liability for those obligations. Taxation refers to tax benefits. All these issues must be considered as a component of developing a Television project. In determining the appropriate entity for the project, I would engage the services of an attorney, accountant, or someone conversant with the burdens and benefits of each kind of entity (Bolter 350).

Cross-platform consideration. In general, a core advantage of implementing a multi-platform method is the capacity to garner economies of scale as well as the scope. This means being able to switch content across several windows and for a longer duration of time. It refers to the extent to which several varieties of content and audience segments are more fitting than others towards exploiting on the interactive character of multi-platform digital circulations. The reaction of broadcasters to multi-platform prospects is persuaded by their status as public or commercial service entities. Cross-platform or multi-platform distribution may contribute towards choice and diversity as well as promote standardization around popular and safe brands and themes (Womack 72).

Formats and Saturday nights Shows. As an assistant floor manager, my role was to liaise and coordinate between the several people who were involved in any production. These would include guests such as the Director Mariam Al Sakrkal to the Show, the audience, and the presenters. I had to carry out a thorough research prior to bringing the director into the Saturday night show. This is because, as my job would entail, I had to ensure that events occur according to a stipulated plan. I also had to ensure that the participants understood their specific roles and how their roles fit in with the events taking place in the studio.I also had the responsibility for guaranteeing that all participants perceived the studio as a safe working environment.

A television program format refers to a set of industry resources and know-how that facilitates the production and development of a television program in another location and time.What may be marketed and disseminated is not a complete program but relatively a body of accompanying resources and knowledge that will assist in the remaking of a program. The format, subsequently, is a multifaceted, all-inclusive organization of materials which may guideand aid in the makeoverof a previous version of a program. This is utilized to create a later version that would be more appropriate for a specific television industry and its domestic audiences in another location on the globe. The format program is created, developed and broadcasted in a single television market. Once this takes place, there is a prospect to authorize a re-broadcast of the program in different parts of the globe(Cury 201). The Saturday night shows may reach its audience better since the audience is more liable to understand if a narrative seems more applicable due to the manner in which it is told.


My advice for people who anticipate working in the capacity of floor managers is that, they may only pursue the career if they actually desire it. As is the case with a majority of media jobs, it can appear glamorous externally, but it is extremely competitive. It is highly probable that one may need to volunteer in order to acquire the requisite initial contacts. Through its accomplishment, Saturday night live fashioned a culture in which a Saturday night show like The Daily Show can survive and succeed and formulate the next advancement of the service that Saturday night live has and maintains to perform.









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