Teenage pregnancy causes and challenges

Becoming a Mother at 19 Years Old

The complexities of premature childbearing in teenager are indisputable. Poverty, academic failure, unemployment as well as low self-esteem are regarded as negative consequences of premature childbearing. Teenage pregnancy is considered as one of the most disturbing issues in the contemporary world. Generally, a girl who becomes pregnant prior to adulthood is seriously looked down with dishonor. Essentially, teenage pregnancy takes place as a result of diverse reasons that include outcomes of peer group pressure, contraceptive failure, and raging hormones.

Causes of Adolescent Childbearing

First of all, peer pressure is another cause of premature pregnancy. Most adolescents choose to experiment in sexual intercourse since they need to attain the approval offered by their circle of acquaintances. In this regard, the sole way to acquire acceptance is by have sexual relationships with the opposite sex. This promiscuous conduct usually leads to unnecessary teenage pregnancies.

Secondly, adolescent pregnancy may be caused by contraceptive malfunctions. This is another fundamental reason for adolescent pregnancy. Numerous types and brands of contraceptives are easily accessible in the market. However, contraceptives are not usually a guarantee for absolute safety. Many adolescents lack adequate information on how to use contraceptives. The majority of the adolescents are ignorant on the risks involved in the use of contraceptives, and the risks involved in using contraceptives. Therefore, this conduct results in premature pregnancies.

Lastly, consequences of intense hormones may lead to teenage pregnancy. This is because, at the adolescent phase the girl may experience abrupt and unfamiliar emotions. In this phase of growth, there is an enormous hormones influx that causes sensations to rage and modify among adolescents. Adolescents also experience an innate sense of rebellion against the laid down rules and norms. This, together with an impulsive sense of newly-found sexuality and liberation, results in the release of their emotions through sexual channels.

Other causes such as rape have also been documented. Whatever the causes, the experience of adolescent childbearing can be extremely traumatic. Consequently, appropriate education on sexuality ought to be taught to adolescents at school, and at home.

Effects of Adolescent Childbearing

The children born as a result of adolescent pregnancies are more liable to grow up in lack, poverty, and experience more health related problems. Research reveals that these children are liable to experience higher rates of neglect and abuse, perform dismally in school. Studies also reveal that these children are prone to becoming teenage mothers, committing delinquent acts as well as adult crimes. These children may also incur unsuccessful adult marriages together with other relationships.
In most cases, adolescent mothers have increasingly lower levels of scholarly attainment than in comparison to other women. This factor severely limits their profession options and sharply augments their possibility of economic dependency. It is evident that approximately 70% of adolescent mothers complete their high school education or attain a high school diploma. Children of juvenile mothers have considerably higher probability of placement in special learning classes. They also have considerably higher incidence of milder academic problems.


It is essential that adolescents realize that prior to engaging in sexual relationships, parenting entails being responsible for unreservedly loving, nurturing, developing, teaching, and guiding  another human being. Adolescents ought to realize that the parenting decisions are enormous and cannot be taken frivolously. The current programs related to sex education in schools ought to acknowledge the varied contributions the school environment can make. In the school environment, the interaction among the teacher and students is usually not adequate in order to advise individual students. This setting may only offer the provision of information from a disconnected perspective.



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