Statues importance to the artists and the community


Artistic work has been in existence for thousands of years. Statues are one of such artistic work that has been practised for centuries. Some statues were of religious importance while others were royal sculptures. Some of the sculptures were very big while there are some that were very small. Various communities around the world have constructed their unique sculptures to capture important events, beliefs or practices for centuries. There are some religions, which made sculptures of their gods. In China, sculptures were put on top of houses and temples.

All around the world, sculptures that are deemed to have historical ties are being preserved in a number of museums so that they can be observed by future generations. Statues were made of different materials depending on who the artist’s preference, as well as the reason and importance of the statue to the artist or the community. Most Royal statues were made of gold, while other material included iron, hardwoods, stones, and bronze. There were various reasons for making such statues. Some communities made statues of their leaders as a sign of respect while there are some leaders who erected their status within their kingdoms to remind the people of the authority that governs that jurisdiction. Some statues were considered holy and would only be found in places of worship. One such statue is the Golden Buddha. Some statues were erected as landmarks, while others were erected in honour of a person or as a reminder of a significant event (Koelsch, 2002).

The Kentucky Museum is home to some of the world’s most famous statues. It is based at the University of Kentucky the Museum and boasts of various artifacts ranging from houses, arts and even culture. The most outstanding artifacts that the museum holds is the quilt and textile. The museum also has permanent exhibits, one such exhibit is the life of a local hero by the name of Duncan Hines. The museum also has a decorative gallery that holds artifacts from as far as Egypt. The university also has numerous changing galleries that are used to organize art exhibitions from different countries. The university museum also holds annual events to promote more awareness of artifacts on display during its exhibition days (Claney, 2004). The museum at the University of Kentucky has artifacts that cannot be found in most museums in the world. The museum has 2,800 toys with most of them dating back as the early 19th century. It also boasts of a collection of about 1,200 dolls.

The most attractive work of art that one comes across easily on entering the university is The Pair. The statue that is placed right in front of the University is made of bronze. It was acquired by the university as a sign of appreciation for the efforts made by the museum in conserving artifacts. The University of Kentucky also has some historical connections that extend to serving as a military base in a number of wars (Koelsch, 2002).


Historical artifacts are very vital because they help people from different places to understand the history of a place, people, or an event. Some have significant historical and if not conserved properly, they might be destroyed forever. Some historical artifacts are very unique that replacing them is impossible. Ones such artifact is the pair that holds a central part in the history of the University of Kentucky. This renowned statue places the University of Kentucky in the global map.






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