Socrates Philosophies, Beliefs and Wisdom

Socrates happens to be among the most influential philosophers who have played a significant role in the development of western philosophy. The concept of the soul by Socrates appears to come from opposite directions. He argues that everything has a beginning and has to come to an end if it is to begin again. In his explanation, Socrates stated that life comes from death and death comes from experience and the vice versa.  According to Socrates, life is all but a cycle whereby an individual begins a new life after he or she dies. Socrates argues that everything alive will eventually die for the same sequence to be repeated again and again. However, Socrates view of immortality appears to be uncertain, and his opinion that death is just a long period of sleep that we will soon wake from is baseless.

Socrates believes that the soul is immortal, but the body is mortal. This means that the soul has the duty of giving life to them, and once the body is gone, the soul will reincarnate in another body. He further argues that the soul is not only immortal, but it also contemplates the truths after it had been separated from the body during death.  He argues that the process of life and death must be equal to strike a balance between the two.  Socrates also taught us that we should strive for excellence in all areas of life. He insisted that by doing this, one can find the happiness that is hidden within the success in every one of us.

The philosopher further argued that an unexamined life is not worthy of living.  He argues that human being requires to examine and plan for their lives since they are unlike the animals which depend on instincts in their day to day lives. According to Socrates, human beings are faced by situations that call for their contemplation before they can make a choice. For this reason, human beings need to think very keenly before making any decisions that might affect their lives, giving them a happy or sad ending. In his works “the truth lies within each of us”, Socrates urges the people to dig deeper in their souls, and they may find the answers that are hidden deep within oneself.  Lastly, Socrates taught that it is better to suffer in wickedness than to commit to it. According to him, being a moral person is the only way to become truly happy as an individual and to have a clear conscience. An individual, Socrates argues that we were made by the choices we make and they happen to define our happiness as well.






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