Sociolinguistics In The Classroom Setting



Language and Communities. 1

Language and Instruction. 2

Language Variation Issues. 2



Language and Communities

Low, H., Nicholas, H., & Wales, R. (2010). A Sociolinguistic Profile of 100 Mothers from Middle to Upper-Middle Socio-Economic Backgrounds in Penang-Chinese Community: What Languages Do They Speak at Home with Their Children? Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 31(6), 569-584.

Multilingual development was the focus of these articles, with slight deviation to analyze the multicultural development, however, the findings on the one hundred mothers from different social and economic societies in Malaysia provides clear pictures of the main factors at play in multilingual and multicultural development in children. Most of the children were between 6 to 36 months.  The findings in this study were mainly focused on language background and multilingual mother’s usage of language with their children. The focus of the paper was predominantly on how multilingual mother chose the best language to communicate with their children.


The study was instrumental in determining the language that most mothers prefer, and the language experience that mothers in Penang use.  The study is also useful for predicting the language pattern and shifts in various households. The major problems that the researchers identified includes of sociolinguistic information. This led to difficulties in the determination of the reason of language prioritization in homes. On the other hand, the researchers also realized that there exist knowledge gapsin the explanation of the cause of diversity. However, the researchers realized that there are factors that influence mixed language development.


Language and Instruction

Yiakoumetti, A. (2007). Choice of Classroom Language in Bi-dialectal Communities: To Include or to Exclude the Dialect? Cambridge Journal of Education, 37(1), 51-66.

This journal of education manly focused on the inclusion, or exclusion of dialects in education. This stems from the argument about the use of codes instruction among the bi-dialectal societies. The researcher explored the use of standard varieties, the bi-dialectal education, and non standarddialect when passing instruction. The participants were given language learning delivered in two dialects. It was found out that there was a significant correlation between passing instruction and variety in dialects in classroom settings. Therefore, it is important to use variety in dialects when passing instruction in classroom settings

Language Variation Issues

Li, X. (2010).Sociolinguistic Variation in the Speech of Learners of Chinese as a Second Language.Language Learning, 60(2), 366-408.

The basis for this research was native Chinese speakers why were the participants in the research. There was also another group of participant to whom Chinese was not their first language. The study was predominantly focused on the use of morph syntactic particle: the DE.  However, it is imperative to note that in manyin formal speech it is not easy to find DE, because it is usually deleted in comparison to the usage of DE in formal settings. It was found that it is easy for people with many years of classroom experience to create a sociolinguistic correct speech in authentic situations. The analysis also explored methods used in studying languages using then active speakers as baseline. The study investigated sociolinguistic variability in various speeches involving advanced learners and the intermediate leaners of mandarin Chinese as second language. The study was instrumental in analyzing language variations.



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