Smoking Ban For College Campuses analysis



Smoking Ban For College Campuses Less Productive Than Intended. 1

Introduction. 1

UC campuses to ban smoking by 2014. 1

Colleges tell smokers, ‘You’re not welcome here’ 2





Smoking is a common way of life associated with New York. Nevertheless recently the New York University put in placemeasures to curb smoking in all of its 23 campuses. Joining other universities and colleges, that has banned smoking. This banning of smoking in Universities has been gaining support in recent months all over the U.S.

New York at the same time is known as being trendy city and open to change. In Los Angeles smoking is considered as alien. Smoking is banned in all public places. Some people are even contemplating that New York will follow suit and ban smoking in public places. The ban may help reduce the culture of smoking.  Even if some students might not like the decision and start smoking in hidden places. Some might even ignore the policy and continue smoking.With various restrictions already in place, which has banned smoking in restaurant vicinity, buildings of residence, public places, and even indoors. Although the universities aim, is to help the smokers to quit smoking   is appreciated.  Much can be done other than force the smokers to take their smoking habit elsewhere, like bringing smokers together and educating them on the effects of smoking and the advantages of living a smoke free life.

UC campuses to ban smoking by 2014

All Universitiesin California are expected to be tobacco free by the year 2014. That is as per the letter written to all chancellors by the president of UC. The letter directed all chancellors to ensure that tobacco is not sold within the campuses. Advertising of tobacco within the campuses do not take place. The ban was brought about by health related issues like lung cancer. The negative consequences of smoking on the environment were another major issue that brought about the ban.Most smokers leave the cigarettes’ butts anywhere instead of disposing them in designated places.

The ban will not be implemented immediately. It will be in place after two years to allow time to the students to adjust their smoking habits. A committee will have to be formed to deliberate on the best way to implement the ban. The impending ban was received differently by different people.  Non smokers supported the idea saying the effects of second hand smoke were severe. Some smokers were angered by the announcement saying smoking helps them relieve stress. Others said the chances of the ban succeeding were very limited.

Colleges tell smokers, ‘You’re not welcome here’

During the summer, an organized group of students and staff from Kentucky Universitywent all round the campus looking for smokers. Different from hall monitors who are always on the look for misbehaving students. The group approached any body who they saw smoking with respect. Disposed the cigarette and educated the smoker on the effects of smoking, and told them of the facilities the campus has to help one quit smoking. Very many Universities have been striving to enact policies to make the campuses 100% tobacco free. The method of implementation and enforcement varied from campus to campus. The most successful was where the students implemented the rules themselves through awareness campaigns.University of Florida was the first to implement 100% ban on its premises on July 10th 2010. The Valencia College in Orlando is planning to adopt the policy. Students from the State college of Florida have been motivated by other Universities and are currently in the process of adopting the policy. Michigan University has seen the positive effects of the ban. Smokers can now be seen smoking in areas where smoking is allowed. Whereas in Kentucky, University many students have quit smoking after seeking treatment at the campus facility.



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