10 Reasons to seek legal help for slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident is one of the forms of accidents that people have a tendency to take lightly. This consequently leads to companies and insurances evading the need to compensate victims of the accident given that it is not easy to make a claim and prove liability.

Statistics show that one in every four people fall every year with the majority of these being 65 years old and above. It is also likely that a slip and fall accident can occur again once you have experienced it for the first time. Such accidents can cause life-threatening damages or even cause terminal conditions that one never planned on ever having such as brain damages or paralysis. This is why you should think twice about ignoring a slip and fall accident and let your insurance not only cover such accidents but also be ready to compensate you when they occur.

However, you will need to look for legal representation to make your claiming and compensation process more efficient. If you have never considered using a lawyer for slip and fall accidents claim, here is why you need to rethink that decision.

Legal advice

As much as you might have a good relationship with your employer or insurance firm, it is always a good idea to seek a third party to make sure that you know what is at stake and how to navigate your way to a justified compensation. You might only know one or two things concerning slip and fall accidents which might not be adequate for you to ensure that your claim is looked into and treated seriously. You need to know what the law says about such accidents and that the law is actually on your side. A slip and fall attorney will make sure that you are on the know on how to go about the entire process so that no one tries to manipulate their way into not paying their dues.

To call for the attention of the defendant and the insurance company

Some defendants and insurance companies may not see any need to look into a slip and fall accident until they are aware that you have legal back up. This means that they will have to not only look into the matter but to make sure that whatever compensation they offer is worth the claim. Otherwise, it will lead to a legal case which also means spending more money for the sessions.


Slip and fall accidents may lead to injuries that make one either bedridden or unable to make the claims on their own. With a slip and fall attorney, you will have someone to help mediate between you and the defendant and so communication between the two parties still goes on. The attorney will make the claim for you, make sure that the case is looked into with all the seriousness it requires and the victim is properly compensated. Such processes may also require a one to have a good understanding of law and insurance procedures. With a lawyer, the communication barrier between the victim and the defendant is removed.

Proving liability

It is easier to prove liability for cases such as car accidents. However, for slip and fall accidents, proving that the defendant’s negligence played a big part in the accident can be a bit hard especially if you have no experience in looking into such cases. With a slip and fall attorney, you will be able to prove this and show that it is your legal right for you to be compensated. The attorney will look into how the accident took place and they know what angle to use to plead for your case. Slip and falls are usually hard to remember how they occurred, this is why it is important to see it from a third party’s point of view.

Proving Damages

Many people do not even understand what damages mean in such accidents. It is more than breaking your arm. You need to show your medical records, bills and lost income from the records of your employer. Taxes records are also needed for such investigations. Your doctor’s diagnosis should show that the reason for your condition was the slip and fall, thus the defendant should pay for the damages. If the records are not sufficient to prove this, the doctor may be asked by your lawyer to write a causal relationship letter to be presented to the insurer.


Once the liability is proven and the damages can be efficiently linked the slip and fall accident, it is now time to see what compensation needs to be made and how the compensation is done. Compensations depend on the money you have been paying for the insurance, the terms, and conditions of your cover and the level of damages you faced because of the accident. A slip and fall attorney will make sure that all these are looked into rightly so that no loophole is left for you not to get the compensation you deserve.

Such cases are more often than many people think

In the opening paragraph, we saw how often people are faced with slip and fall accidents. As much as many of the victims never report their cases to doctors, this does not mean that these cases should be neglected. When a slip and fall accident happens twice or more time, the impact of the fall becomes more dangerous in every fall. Sometimes it will take two falls for a serious injury to happen, therefore an attorney with the help of the doctor will be able to note this and keep it in account when presenting your case before the insurer.

Deeper Research

It is very rare for you to take any interest in such an accident until it occurs to you or your family member. By the time this is happening, you might not have enough time to clearly look into the matter critically so that you are prepared to face the insurer. A slip and fall attorney has been doing such researches over time and it is likely that they have come across a case like yours before. Their research is therefore thorough and adequate to help you get the compensation you require.

Experience in the area

Not only is a slip and fall attorney well equipped with facts and findings but also they must have dealt with such cases before. Experience is a better teacher given that findings are tested up front. This means that there are higher chances for you to get a good compensation since the lawyer knows their way around the matter. Some attorneys also have links with good medical researchers who will help you present your case in the utmost light.

Two are better than one

Which is easier, fighting for the case on your own or having someone with the links and the experience to help you present your claim to the insurer? I believe the latter is easier and more assuring. Following up on claims and compensations can be a bit stressful and if you are already nursing a severe injury from the accident, it may cause more harm than good. With someone else fighting for you as you do the healing, you will be more at ease and concentrate on your health. Also, an independent mind looking into the case is able to see things more clearly, leaving no stone unturned.


It is will obviously a bit costly to hire a slip and fall attorney or any attorney for that matter. With great firms such as Bodden and Bennett Law Group, such costs are relatively lower and the service you get is worth every coin you spend. You will also get a free consultation with one of the best attorneys in Florida whose aim is to make sure that your cases are taken seriously and proper compensation is served.

Falls can be very costly with injuries that can raise your medical bills to thousands of dollars. If you are not able to get your compensation from your insurer, this will mean that the money has to come from somewhere else, probably driving you into big debt or causing you to barely get other important bills taken care of. Some injuries also demand lifestyle changes for example if one gets paralyzed, they may need a nurse to take care of them or buy some expensive equipment to help them move about. All these possibilities show you why you should not ignore such falls.

More than 800,000 victims of slip and fall accidents are admitted in hospitals in a year with hip fractures and head injuries. This number is too high and it could be anyone. No one in their right mind ever plans to slip and fall causing such severe damages. Make sure that if it ever happens to you, you have an insurance cover aside from the one offered by your employee and also have a slip and fall attorney who will guide you through the claim and compensation process. You will be glad you had them once everything runs smoothly and you get your rightful compensation.




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