school counselling importance and challenges

In this case, involving a title 1 school, there is a low student attendance rate as well as the low graduating rate of students. There could be various reasons for these problematic issues of low attendance, poor performance, and low graduating rate. As a professional counsellor, it is good to think of the various causes of this case including drug abuse, poor discipline, and poor governance. The assessment of the physical altercation happening among three students who include an African American male, Caucasian male, as well as a Latino male can be assessed based on some of the above-assumed causes of school-related problems.

In the assessment, certain steps need to be followed in order to establish a clear cause of the altercation. In establishing why the altercation took place and whatever could have initiated it, as a professional counsellor one should consider the behavioural activities existing among the three students (Farkas & Hall, 2000).  The kind of behaviour portrayed by any of the three would bring in the course of action to be taken. A negative behaviour would call for a counselling session that would initiate a behavioural change. From this step, consideration of the existence of a good relationship between students and stuff would be determined. The conclusion of these considerations would be a call for every individual within the school to be accountable for respective and good behaviour.

In providing counselling service to the three students, one would consider assessing the reasons of their altercation. It would be also important to find out the cause of the fight and the person who started it. Considering the cause may include checking out for cases of drug abuse or any existing conflict among the three males. Any traces of discrimination against race, skin color, or economic backgrounds would as well assist in finding a solution to the case. It would also be necessary to monitor their behavior and relationship afterwards. The counseling may happen in various techniques such as reality therapy by focusing of realism and responsibilities of each subject (Paisley, 2001). Adlerian counseling if used would involve holism, withdrawal, influence of behavior, a call for compensation. The counselor could use cognitive behavior counseling by helping the students point out their problems and initiate a mental diversification from the pointed problems.



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Paisley, P. (2001). School Counseling for the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities.            Professional School Counseling Vol.5 No.2 , 106.





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