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A1. Professional Objectives. 1

Career objectives: 1

A2. Challenging Interpersonal Relationship and Lesson Learnt from the Experience. 2

A3. Innovation in my personal and professional life. 3



A1. Professional Objectives

While venture capitalists are the most attractive job now and in the future, considering  the current state of business market opening an office or establishing a venture capitalist firm is the most prestigious goal I have entertained my whole life. Most of the venture capitalist firms do not pick up people meaning most of the graduates are either unemployed  or searching, it depends on the  on the approach one gives life. Personally, I want to be a venture capitalist in the Philadelphia region. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. On the other hand, I know that if a man will begin in uncertainty, he will end in confusion but if he is contented to begin in doubt, he shall end in uncertainty. An excellent manager is a person who is not worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.


Career objectives:

To use my networks to make deals, increases my portfolio, therefore, I would like to go back to school and get an MBA degree that can be useful to me in my future profession

To be involved in angel investing and seed funding, I would like to one a venture capitalist firm attract newer companies who have limited operating history that cannot raise capital in the public markets. Thereby getting significant control over the firm’s decision and business ownership and value

To create jobs Job creation is also another career objective that in have entertained for a long time. As a venture capitalist, I will be able to create jobs in the knowledge economy and within the Philadelphia region

To become a venture capitalist to help me establish institutions that can systematically design networks for new companies in conjunction with the public sectors.


A2. Challenging Interpersonal Relationship and Lesson Learnt from the Experience

After finishing school, I realized there was no job opening; I had to look for a job in various companies. I had to juggle two jobs for one o worked at a local agency as Strategic Planning Consultant June 2011 – Sept 2011, during the day and a casino at night to make end meet. I could not afford my rent, and pay my school fee, and then i realized, I could take on three jobs paid on an hourly basis. I stated entertaining thought of owning my won office, business, my won conveniences, as well as my own money. I genuinely wanted to control and always on the loop. I wanted to determine the strategic fits that i could use to make money, but I feared to commit crimes. Then I stated being smart going back to school, reading and helping people leverage their capabilities to gain a strategic advantage in business proposals.


People started coming to me for advice, in the larger Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM. Then i stopped working at Toan Phu Architect & Construction Co after realizing that I could easily introduce newer methods of project financing through debt securities and stock issuance and could easily communicate facts and establish high technology training programs to cut down construction time and overhead costs thereby maximizing profits. I wanted to have my own firm. Some of the strengths that I realized I had never exploited include:For one I am smart, I have a head for mathematics having worked in two venture capitalist firm and worked as  these were the eye openers. I realized that the venture capitalist is my calling. I would like to make money as a venture capitalist from the management fees (as a portion of the funds under management and carry (a portion of the return on investment). Owning a venture capitalist firm is much easy as the utilities are easy to manage to consider that fact that the management fees is adequate for running the business, this may also be one of the reasons why the established venture capital firms do not employ people. To them, an employee is a cost centre, which they would have to pay from their earnings. Having worked in a venture capitalist firm, I realized that I cost less than the marginal benefits that accrued from having me in the company, and I was helpful in creating more carry to them. My skill positively affected the company portfolio. I once was close to a venture capitalist and worked as an intern in a venture capitalist firm, worked in investment banking companies as well as venture capital analyst

In the business field, i realized that i had bright ideas, but I could not afford the capital to start the investment, so I needed somebody to facilitate and finally participate in enabling the startup phase. I also realized that there is a correlation between success and owner relation between project financiers and firms profitability so I could be part of a large company and at the same time increase my earning by not just owning the company but also controlling decision within the company. I also realized that I need somebody with knowledge and experience in the field of investing. Therefore, they had gone though the circle of success and failure from the other ventures. These people had knowledge of what could work for them, and what could not work for them. I realized that what i wanted was to help the portfolio firms initiate growth and identify problems, while at the same time find recipes to overcome the problems


A3. Innovation in my personal and professional life

While working at the Toan Phu Architect & Construction Co., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – as an Interim Strategic Planning Dept. Head, I realized that there were exceeding many bright people, with success in the past life and could still make it in the construction industry. They have a lot of potentials and were upwardly mobile, but did not have even the slightest idea where to get loans or funding when they wanted to establish real estate businesses in Vietnam. They were particularly disadvantaged in terms of ideas, funding as well as equipment. They could not buy a state of the art equipment to finish their project in time.  These people required some sources of finance to keep them in the real estate circle.


The competitive Chinese real estate market and the economic bubble was not fit for the financially challenged lot, making them drop along the way or were just employed as masons, and contractors when there were many opportunities. In addition, just as Mao Zedong said that nations do not mistrust each other because they are armed but are armed because they do not mistrust each other. I wanted to arm the masons and empower them to get the best out of their effort. I helped them identify alternative sources of capital that they could use to help improve their financial situation. Most of my first clients are in the real estate and have been enjoying the fruits of their life. These people have known the best recipe for project management and capital valuation, they know the then importance of the project, how to maximize the bottom line in all project, how to dispose their capital equipment without losing much through trade in, or recycle reuse. Some others started big construction companies that are now tremendously successful in the maintenance of the bad road in Vietnam. These people realized that the main secret to their life is to like what they do and not just do they like only. In this spirit, I want to do only things I like and define the moment now that the defining moment is at hand before the defining moment defines me.


Innovation is not only limited to projects but also needs to be depicted in other resources. One such resource that I utilized my innovation skills is in financial resource management. I was also able to portray my innovation through the financing program I decided to adopt for the company. This is since I opted to acquire financial assistance for the projects through bond finance compared to bank rates that would have been expensive for the company. I also utilized training programs for the human resource of the company since this is the most beneficial resource of the company because of its flexibility, innovation, diversity, knowledge and skills. Through my innovation initiatives, I was also able to cut down on the costs of the company, hence, maximizing revenue for the company also achieving my professional career objectives.

Philadelphia is an iconic place for individuals who aspire to be capitalist in the emerging global markets


I would feel privileged to pursue my MBA in Wharton Business School. With reference to my qualifications, career objectives and experience in innovation, strategic planning and market project consultancy, I apply for admission into your business school. This is with the hope of advancing in innovation: the bulwark of the culture of your school. However, my final desire is to leverage my knowledge in finance and contract management, and extensive experience in sales, marketing, financial management, acquisition operations, competitive analysis, and strategic combat leadership for mutual profit.  My experience in man-management in cross-cultural environments such as the US, Vietnam, Kuwait, UAE, and Iraq.  Other parts of the world include Afghanistan and Rwanda, with possession of US Department of Defense’s Top Secret Clearance, will also contribute to my suitability form this opportunity to study MBA in your school.



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