Safety in the Work Environment Sample Essay

Safety in the Work Environment

The safety of the employees must be prioritized if the workplace is to be productive and have an accommodative environment.  The main idea and implementation of safety measures facilitate the employees are well prepared and have the desired comfort in the process of conducting their activities. Safety in workplaces comprises the laid out policies and procedures in the work environment that promote the safety and health of the workers. The main concept of safety practices at the workplace is the identification of risky events and engagement as well as controlling their occurrence (Laschinger, Heather and Michael 2006, p.263). Safety at the workplace needs to be ensured as the occurrence of the hazardous event can harm the employees, resulting in the death or other serious injuries. Generally, there are different safety measures in distinct working environments, which indicates the safety precautions are at a different level. The employers have the main role in facilitating the safety of the workers through the provision of a safe environment and equipment. so as to give workers safety and wellbeing, administrators should center around safety measures that can incorporate components such as the board authority and commitment; accountability of workers; guaranteeing the work is completed securely and viably; extraordinary safety plans, programs and regulations, procedures, methods, and practices; security assessments for work environment risks; security objectives, destinations and program reviews; safety following and measurements; distinguishing proof of perils and control; safety instruction, preparing and training. Nonetheless, the workers have the optimum responsibility for ensuring their safety at the workplace. They can do so by ensuring that they have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and doing Lockout Tag-out (LOTO) as it shall be outlined in this paper.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE comprises a package that is designed to ensure the worker’s safety by prevention of infection or injury in case of exposure to any work risk. The package may consist of garments, helmets, nose masks, gloves, ear musk, and eye protection devices that facilitate the protection of a person against any physical, heat, electrical, chemical, airborne matter and biohazards risks that may be present at the work environment. The PPE is worn for occupational safety and health at the workplace, therefore, minimizes the exposure of the employees to the risks that may be present at the workplace. PPE is of significance in work environments everywhere throughout the world. As the utilization of individual defensive gear is significant, it’s an additional type of assurance, vital were the total of what dangers haven’t been controlled through different methods. Individual defensive hardware comprises of a scope of garments and gear, which is to shield laborer’s bodies from work environment risks. It is broadly used to diminish the presentation of risks to dangers, and to maintain a strategic distance from workers from ailment or wounds while at work. Employees are responsible for wearing the PPE appropriately and utilizing the fundamental protection for their undertakings (Akbar-Khanzadeh, Michael and Ruben 1995, p.197).

It requires the endeavors of both the employees and the employers to ensure that they build up a methodology for safety by setting up and keeping up safe and healthy work environments. As the businesses give the fitting PPE to their workers, they have the accompanying roles; they should initially do a contextual investigation and evaluations on the potential dangers which would thus be imperative in the distinguishing proof of both physical and wellbeing perils; it is the mandate of the businesses to furnish the workers with the essential PPE which they require in the work puts additionally,  the businesses ought to likewise ensure that the worker consciousness of the PPE is supported through arranged training, the preparation, which ought to be on the utilization and maintenance of these gear. The employer should ensure that they bear the underlying expenses of obtaining the PPE and the expense for keeping up and supplanting those (Carpenter et al. 2002, p.242). Ultimately, the organization should make it an everyday practice to do surveys on the achievement of the PPE being utilized in their ventures. Likewise, the workers should assume a role in ensuring safety to themselves and others around them in a workplace; they ought to guarantee that they put the individual defensive hardware into legitimate use by wearing them as indicated by the necessities of the manufacturer.

Lockout Tag-out (LOTO)

Lockout Tag out refers to a safety procedure that is applied in the business and research organizations to ensure that the risky of the heavy machinery is appropriately shut-off and not started again throughout the maintenance and regular check. It safeguards the workers from the unexpected start-up or exposure to hazardous energy in the process of machinery maintenance (Hapsari, Dadan and Denny 2018, p.152). The energy could be released as a result of the electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, chemical and pneumatic process.  Without the right LOTO procedures, there can be resultant injuries or even possible of the people working on the equipment as well as the society.

The procedure of installing a machine on the LOTO involves a process that should be followed in stages. The initial step of LOTO for the machinery is to prepare, where the authorized employees should examine and have competency on the kinds of risky energy that may be regulated. The following step is on the shutting down of the equipment that is to be serviced or maintained. Isolation follows that may comprise of activities such as power turnoff at the circuit breaker, the actual lockout/tag out follows where the authorized employees attach the LOTO devices to the energy isolating components. This ensures safety when they are placed on a position that is visible and cannot be tampered with. Controlled Storing of the energy follows in the machinery and the verification that there is no energy left is the last step in the procedure. It is only the authorized worker who should have the access key to the lock, ensuring that he or she can put or remove the lock in case the machine needs to be restarted. According to the Hazardous Energy Control Programs, LOTO is one best way to mitigate hazardous energy (Abdalla, Ronald and Lynda 2002, p.20).

It is thus evident that Personal Protective Equipment and Lockout Tag outplay a fundamental role in ensuring the safety of the worker in the workplace. It is, therefore, the responsibility of both the employees and the organization administration to ensure that a safe and secure work environment is achieved through ensuring that the employees have the right equipment. With a safety environment, there is a low possibility of injuries of the employees, which promotes morale and productivity.

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