Robinson Crusoe novel By Defoe Daniel


This review is about the novel by Defoe Daniel, titled ‘Robinson Crusoe’. It was published in the year 1719, in England. Furthermore, it has three different genres, and they are robinsonade, adventure, as well as long- fiction. It focuses upon matters such as cannibalism, voyages, values, separation, and shipwrecks, among others. The various scenes in the novel were in the oceans, Brazil, as well as in England. The tone of the paper is one that is serious, and at the same time, one that makes one sympathize with the characters in the novel.

Review of Defoe Daniel’s ‘Robinson Crusoe’

This novel is mainly about Robinson Crusoe, and it is written in an autobiography and fictional format. He is convinced that it is his life’s mission to travel by going on voyages in the sea. Despite his father not approving of the voyage, he continues with his plans. His life changes drastically as he encounters many challenges during his journey. Unfortunately, Crusoe becomes a slave after being captured by pirates and has to work for them for two years. Later on, he escapes to an island that is unknown and spends most of his life there. There are many heinous activities that take place at the island, as it is inhabited by cannibals. Moreover, Crusoe meets Friday, and they become companions, and live their lives in the island trying to keep away from the cannibals. The novel comes to an end when Friday and Crusoe find a way of escaping the Island and heading to London.

‘Robinson Crusoe’ setting of the 17th century is one that is quite impressive. One easily finds themselves imagining that they existed during that time period. The book has been significantly influenced by some vital issues that existed during the time. In this case, the most evident issue that has impacted the writing of this novel is capitalism, as this is where it had its roots. Furthermore, certain aspects of the book seem to have been borrowed from the Christian Bible. The latter is because God has been referenced to many times by Crusoe. For example, there were distressing times in Crusoe’s life, and he asked for God’s help. Defoe has vividly described the various scenes in the novel extremely well. In fact, at times, one felt terrified whenever the cannibals were mentioned, due to heinous way they carried out their cannibal acts.

There is no reason that prevents me from recommending this book to other people. They need to know about the famous literary character known as Robinson Crusoe. The narrative style employed by the author is casual as it is written using first person narration. The novel has integrated some excerpts that were from an unfinished diary by Defoe. Furthermore, his ability to story tell is quite compelling as well as outstanding. The vital details of this novel have been captured well, and they dictate attention from the reader. Readers of novels will be impressed by the mentioned information as well as many others in the novel.

Indeed, the adventures that Robinson Crusoe experienced are quite fascinating and especially for young readers. The historical context, which the novel refers to, needs to be known. Moreover, the novel has been read by people of various generations. It is one that will never run out of fashion as people will always read. This novel is unique as it provides information regarding a time when people existed in anarchy.






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