Retrospective Project on known risk takers


As part of Michigan State University education requirements, writing in the first year contributes to the university’s mission. This is done through laying a focus on inquiry based learning, which in the end assists students to develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that augment the value of life for themselves and other people through professional, scholarly and social proficient activities. It also enables them to appreciate themselves as an integral part of the University’s community of scholars and commit themselves to inquiring critical questions in order to get adequate answers for such inquiries.

The materials and activities involved in coming up with the literary autobiography were very helpful. For instance, the links enables students to learn how to use different referencing styles, such as APA and MLA. The Emig readings empower students with skills on how to do empirical undertakings through availing of practical examples. The activities are hands on experience that in the end develops students’ skills in research.

Cultural Analysis

America is not speaking from one script as a nation when it comes to the issue of same sex marriages and gay rights. While some members of the American public support gay marriages, others are against it. This situation also applies to members of the political class. The year 1998 goes down in the American history as the year in which a majority of Americans prejudiced homosexuals. In spite of this opposition to homosexuals, “Will & Grace,” a program starring gay marriages on NBC succeeded beyond the wild imaginations of its conveners. At first, its directors thought that it would fail but by 2006, the show had already gained popularity owing to its impact on the perceptions American people in accommodating same sex marriages. The situation was not as tense when the show wound up in 2006 as it were in 1998 (Helper Web).

Despite the show’s success, there is still much to do to ensure that prejudice against same sex marriages is completely eradicated from the American communities. The program that premiered on the American media with its main character being gay, ended tragically. “Ellen” which premiered in 1997 on ABC had Ellen Morgan as its main character. Ellen, a Lesbian by choice, faced a lot of prejudice from the American audiences. Initially, the reciprocation was nice to her but eventually, she ended up miserably. The reason for this turn out of events is that the American society had no room for same sex marriages. Paradoxically, “Will & Grace” went on to be aired on the ABC network in spite of the fact that the Television network was well aware of the prejudice the American audiences had against its main character “Ellen” (Helper Web).

People who are LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender) have attracted mixed reactions from both the American citizens and Political class. As much as the LGBT cohort are rapidly attracting supporters of their rights, 50% of the American citizens still think they do not belong to their communities. This form of prejudice is particularly high amongst the adult population, college students, and adolescents. The reasons for this prejudice against people who are LGBT range from cultural to religious beliefs. However, it is clear that the American public have started accommodating the LGBT cohort owing to an unrelenting media campaign (Helper Web).

Homosexuality, as a subject, became more dramatic amongst members of the political class than amongst the American citizens in the run up to a number of general elections. While Republicans were vehemently opposed to same sex marriages in 2004, the Democrats supported it but did not publicly endorse it until a year later. Consequently, the republicans in the end banned same sex marriages on the ballot papers of their key swing states (Helper Web).

Before “Will & Grace” premiered, most same sex marriage had a negative representation. Persons who are LGBT were depicted as deviants in most of these previous programs. Consequently, prejudice against people who are LGBT stemmed from these previous shows. The successes of  “Will & Grace” in warming up to the Americans opposed to gay marriages indicates that if the right platform is properly put into use, then prejudice against people who are LGBT is likely to be completely eradicated. Today, more shows that exhibit gays as good people are aired on Television networks to attract sections of the American public who still have a negative perception of people who are LGBT. Doubling this effort will ensure that the prejudice against the LGBT cohort is likely to be completely eradicated in the near future (Helper Web).

How to Write Formal Research Reports

In order to conduct a successful research in economics, it is critical to make use of literature reviews, mathematical modeling, fieldwork, and econometrics. The gathering of data in the outdoors is what entails fieldwork. Upon gathering data in the field, a researcher has to evaluate and present it in a manner that the audience can comprehend. However, Helper argues that most researchers avoid conducting fieldwork. This has crippled most research work in economics since this niche completely relies on feedback from people on the ground. Apart from that, the outdoors enables investigators to get firsthand information in areas where few people have attempted. This is what leads to legitimacy of research since it is original in nature. Before any empirical undertaking, it is critical to be cautious about data collection instruments such as questionnaires and surveys (Helper Web).

How one selects his sample of participants is also very critical since it affects generalizability of the research findings to an entire population in the end. Before any empirical undertaking, a researcher has to come up with a hypothesis, which is to be approved or disapproved by the research findings. However, in economics, apart from approving or disapproving a hypothesis, researchers should not only be in a position to collect data from the outdoors but also to publish their research findings in order to authenticate the originality of their research. Because of this requirement, such findings apply to economic theories and may help to forecast future occurrences of the same phenomena (Helper Web).

Economists are very skeptical of qualitative techniques. Therefore, they prefer quantitative methodologies because of the fact that they cover a wide range of issues. Apart from that, economics can make projections with minimal errors through using quantitative methodologies. Literature review also aids economists in conducting their empirical undertakings. This involves employing secondary information sources, for instance, documented research on the topic, scholarly articles, textbooks, and peer-reviewed journals (Helper Web).

This kind of information is then applied in the formulation of an empirical undertaking’s thesis in order to come up with reports. It is these kinds of reports that are actually used by students in various universities to write their term papers. As much as this kind of research seems easy, the validity of the entire undertaking is very critical. In economics, it is very important to come up with exclusive positions on the various models and theories pertinent to the validation of an empirical undertaking.

Upon completing an empirical undertaking, the next step is to write down the findings. It is critical to be objective and write in a formal language, regardless of whether it is an academic thesis or an article for a paginated journal. The researcher should be concise by stating clear objective observations and being factual. Apart from that, it is important to avoid plagiarism since this is a punishable offense. Plagiarism can be avoided by sitting in the text any material used as well as referencing it after concluding the paper. It is therefore critical for a researcher to up his game when it comes to quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing. This not only minimizes plagiarism but also increases the paper’s quality (Helper Web).

Lived Experiences

I have vivid memories of my father using an old Kodak camera to take pictures of me. He really enjoyed the process of recording these valuable moments by using his old camera. In addition, it was the happiest moment of my life to spend time with my father since that old camera gave us a lot of fun when we took pictures of each other. My interest in photography came from my father’s old camera. I think it is amazing in retrospect, the entire picture taking with the old camera. It represents my childhood as well as my growing. Every single shot prompts me to recall the beautiful moments of my life. From then on, I was addicted to taking pictures using my father’s camera (Helper Web).

I got my own camera when I was age 12, which was the best thing that ever happened to me. I still remember that memorable day; how I hysterically started taking photos of everyone and was not able to control my excitement. I used it to record my life and splashed the pictures on the internet through photography enthusiasts’ websites. I have met many shutterbugs through the internet and I have had really good communication with them about photography. I enjoy this process just like my dad (Helper Web).

The reason I chose to study photography at the University is not only because cameras can help me record the important moments in life, but because it enables me to meet new friends and build a fulfilling network. Someday, a friend of mine came to ask me which subject is most appealing to me amongst photography, drawing, and writing. After thinking for a moment, I responded that I preferred photography. However, writing and drawing cannot be neglected. Everyone has unique personal perspectives about these subjects. However, I think this kind of aesthetic cannot be more described. I have kept a watchful eye on some friends’ posts by tagging them (Helper Web). They often write some suitable and beautiful sentences under the pictures they take which makes them more vivid and accessible.

Some of the pictures with drawings and writings are so attractive that one cannot stop staring at them for they resonate with people’s inner feelings. This is also the reason why I like photography: it is able to mix different art forms to produce something great. In reality, most people can shoot but cannot write, or are able to write but cannot draw, or can draw but cannot shoot. However, in my perspective, everyone has what it takes to be creative, regardless of the disparity in the artistic forms (Helper Web).

Remix Proposal Framework

This documentary’s objective is to present the importance inherent in taking risks. People who are perceived to be risk averse cannot take any economic risks. When it comes to investment, people who are indisposed to risks would rather accept uncertain plans with fewer payoffs than certain plans with very big payoffs. However, risk takers would rather face enormous losses in order to make exorbitant profits. A critical disparity exists between risk takers and those who are indisposed to risks. The objective of this program is to let the audience comprehend that if they take risks, this would not only benefit them but would also lead to the development of the society (Helper Web).

The main subjects in the proposed documentary are prominent people in the society who after taking risks not only obtained their goals but also went on to positively impact the society. To make the documentary be better comprehended by the audiences, Grand Theft Auto, which is a trendy video game, and several outstanding individuals in the history of the United States of America will take center stage. Most people in American society have had experience with video games. With the help of celebrities, the main idea behind this documentary is likely to be well understood by the audiences (Helper Web).

The documentary’s hypothesis is that people have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by taking risks. Arguments on both sides of the divide on risk aversion will be introduced by the documentary. Each of the panelists will move to the podium and narrate a historical event concerning any previous successful risk takers. These renowned risk takers include Mark Zuckerberg, Martin Luther King, Chris Gardner and Thomas Alva Edison. The fact that these four iconic figures lived in four different eras and stemmed from different niches is likely to make the program’s audiences comprehend the documentary’s argument and be motivated  (Helper Web).

The documentary is likely to be impressive because most information would be directed through the documentary’s program. Apart from that, the directors will include something on the part of the celebrities on the significance of risk taking. For instance, some scenes would be amplified through color effects to ultimately lay emphasis on the major guests (Helper Web).





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