Recycling in America- interview with Tom Szaky

Recycling in America; interview with Tom Szaky CEOofTerracycleCompany.

Terracycle is a company in the United States that was founded in 2001. Tera cycle is an enterprise that as dedicated its resource in twenty countries all over the world to eliminate the idea of waste. It has become a world-leading company in recycling what many be consider as hard to recycle materials. Tom Szaky is the founder and CEO of Terracycle. Tom has managed to merge his education and passion for environment and interest in social good to form a recycling company that produces consumer goods from waste. Tom Szaky has been in the business for recycling since he was a freshman at Princeton. Tom came with an idea of using worm poop as an organic idea. With support from his family and friends and his savings, tom had what he considered enough to start his business. He dropped out of college and started packaging his organic fertilizer in soda bottles and selling it from his car and supplying to local gardening centres. Today, in addition to fertilizer which can also be found on target and Walmart, Tom runs Terracycle that turns waste to bright and fun products like messenger bags. Tom though his company donates two per cent for each recycled item to the charity which amounts to 3.2 million since its start to date.Currently, corporations are striving to reduce waste and carbon print, yet pollution rates continue to rise, and only a small per cent of waste is recycled.

I interviewed Tom on recycling and how it impacts on waste control. We talked about the reason why not all corporations are open to recycling despite the campaign to recycle waste. Tom explains that despite all the noise proposing recycling only 2percentage of the global water is recycled. Tom associated this to the expenses required to collect and process the waste to the worth of the end product. He says that everything, including diapers and cigarettes, remains, are all recyclable, but the cost is too high.

On how much percentage the society should be recycling, Tom says that at this age anything could be recycled therefore we should be close to a hundred per cent. However, they are some legal restrictions when it comes to recycling some few products. For instance, all medical waste should be incinerated for health safety. Similarly, airlines are not allowed to recycle waste when they travel internationally for contamination risks. However, they could recycle trash for domestic travels but prefer to dispose of for economic reasons.

the progress of recycling habit among the Americans over time.

We discussed the progress of recycling habit among the Americans over time. Tom says that from a smaller point of view, it may seem like Americans are recycling more but globally, the recycling in America is reducing. He pointed out two reasons for the decline. Initially, America used to export its waste to china where many factories are located, but since china established the “green fence”, this has been made difficult. Two, virgin oil is less expensive than oils from recycled materials; hence the recyclers are losing market are recycling less. Throughout the interview, tom was confident in what he was saying. He seemed sure that recycling is not a permanent solution to the problem of waste control.

To conclude, the consequence of not recycling is that 25pecentage of global waste is deposited in our oceans. In addition to littering our oceans, waste disposal destroys the look of our environment. This great concern is only a new issue that came to be in the 1950s. Initially, when all these plastics objects were made from wood nature handled had no problem processing waste. From this interview, one could say that recycling is a great solution to preserve our environment, but it is just a reaction not a permanent solution to the problem that is more and more waste is being produced, and nature has no system to handle it. Better ways need to be established to solve this problem that is not only destroying the environment but is expensive to control.



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