Recommendation Letter for Anar

Recommendation Letter for Anar

I have been acquainted with Anar for five years and this was through a joint membership in the Young Presidents Organization. Anar was able to rise through the ranks to head Arxiel Carbonexis which is one of our companies during the period 2007-2009. Arxiel Carbonexis is a carbon emissions origination and trading division of Arxiel Ventures holding. Anar as the head of this division was able to display professional skills whilst achieving commendable results.

Anar holds a first class bachelors degree in Business Management from Oxford University. During his professional career with our company Anar underwent a short term managerial training program and was able to display the skills he had learnt in his job. Anar was able to develop a concrete portfolio from a number of several diverse CDM projects. This he did in three countries where he secured over 2 million tons of certified emissions reductions (CERS) within 2 years. I consider this to be remarkable, more so when one considers that this was done with a start-up company. Anar’s ability to handle challenges and endure adversity goes to show his ability and a probability of becoming one of the most sought after executives in years to come if given an opportunity to further develop his managerial skills.

Anar is a determined self-motivated manager who takes any viable and available opportunities to bring development to the company. He provides comprehensive solutions to problems by handling them from the roots. Anar prefers to work in a team and is always open to positive criticism and suggestions from his workmates. He engages all the members in the projects to ensure all ideas are exhausted to produce positive results. His personality has enabled him to work with people of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and this has also seen him earn the respect of his peers. He is a highly motivated individual and displays positive attitude in the tasks that he undertakes and this includes even the more challenging ones in his field. Anar is a results-orientated individual and a firm decision-maker who does not compromise his responsibilities as a leader. He could, however, improve further when it comes to relating with his colleagues at a more personal level, which could help him build teamwork even further, thus serving to improve the results he achieves. This I believe he can achieve through the EMBA program if given an opportunity

I have been able to interact with Anar on various levels mostly when he was required to make presentations on the performance and future trading prospects in Arxiel Carbonexis for the board of directors.  From these interactions I was able to notice that he is a talented planner who was able to chart out long range details to achieve the company’s goals. He was able to display his talent as a developer who focused his energy and enthusiasm in the projects that he engaged in. I am therefore sure that Anar will use this program to further develop his managerial skills.

I strongly recommend Anar for the Trium EMBA program admission without any reservations as I believe he will not only gain a greater understanding of his field of work but will also bring a lot of value to his peers in terms of his experience and cultural background.

Yours sincerely,

Ammar Charani,


Arxiel Ventures.





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