Public Policy Process in the America


Public administration continues to adapt to the ever-changing administrative, social, and political realities. This has, in turn, made it quite simple to classify public administration into various facets. The process of public policy has some distinct features and they all complement each other in order to come up with a desirable outcome. The government and society work together to ensure that democracy prevails, particularly in the implementation of public policies.  The American public is now more than ever participating in the process of making policies that will improve their lives. The impact has been seen in various spheres of American life as people are becoming more informed about its importance (Shafritz & Borick & Russel, 2010).

This topic is quite intriguing and of extreme value to the entire American population. Furthermore, it will assist the policymakers to determine what needs to be done to improve public administration. The subject is closely associated with the ancient roots related to human inquiry. The evolving field of public policy tries to reflect as well as adapt to the ever-changing complex interactions between the society and government. I believe that I live in a society, which is democratic and people want to always be involved in making policies. Secondly, as society continues to develop and become more conscious about public administration, it will be possible to incorporate and respond to the demands of the public through government initiatives. There are not many people who are informed about the evolution of public policy in America. This topic is unique and interesting because some questions that constantly face the public will be answered. This will then help in reducing the misconceptions by the public concerning the making of policies (Shafritz & Borick & Russel, 2010).

The topic I have chosen for my research is closely related to the expected course outcomes. It will be possible to find out how the ever-increasing globalization and increased international cooperation has been revived as a result of comparative administration. The economy has been affected by the global recession and the American government will have to ration or narrow the scope of services that it provides to the public. It is no wonder that the American government has had to find ways of outsourcing some services from private institutions. As a student of public administration, I am able to know how the mentioned process takes place and use this knowledge to educate the public. Furthermore, this topic will assist in helping me gain more information and knowledge on some popular theorists and authors in this field such as Whiting Williams, Louis Brandeis and Frederick Taylor (Frederick & Smith &. Larimer & Licarj, 2011).

Lastly, research on this topic will ensure that all the public administration stakeholders are competent in their work. Public management has to be effective; hence, this calls for the training of all those concerned with this field. A solution for privatization and procedural rigidity has to be found because it often leads to low quality and productivity efforts. The research will also assist in coming up with cooperative partnerships such as providing equipment, personnel, as well as stimulating development in the economy. Therefore, it is practical that a solution to how the government will be reinvented can be established in order to ensure that the three realities are affected positively.





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