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Impact of the trend. 3




Psychology is the study of the way the human brain functions. One of the principal topics focuses on the behavioral aspects of an individual. The behavior and personality of an individual is determined by the human brain. For the brain to function well there, needs to be coordination between the rest of the body and the Central Nervous System through the Spinal Cord. One of the common behavioral conditions that have received a significant amount of awareness is the multi-personality disorder.The topic on multi-personality disorder has for a long time fascinated both professionals and members of the society. Personality disorders are derived from the inability of an individual to use their cognitive abilities properly. This condition has however, been classified into other categories thus contributing to conduction of new research (Encyclopedia of medicine, p. 1).

The purpose of this research paper is to analyze an article that writes about the latest social and behavioral trends in the field of psychology. The paper will cover the summary of the article providing a definition of the key aspects of the topic. The paper finally explains the impact of the trend providing a concluding paragraph of the way forward.

The study of the multi-personality disorder has been a frequent topic due to the uniqueness of behavior that the patients display. Multi-personality disorder also known as schizophrenia is defined by the display of different personalities. Psychologists have conducted research on patients whose cases have shown the existence of different personalities. This condition has shocked the society as a whole due to the effect it has on the patient and the society. This area of research has been exhausted due to the increasing cases of schizophrenia reported over the years. Over the years, thedisorder has been divided into different categories which display different conditions and forms of social behavior.

The categorizing of this condition has led to the rise ofmore complex conditions such as the Dissociative Identity disorder. This type of disorder is a variation of the dissociative disorder. There have been several arguments in the field of psychology about the existence of this condition. Some psychologists have as a result chosen to carry out extensive research in this particular area of study. One of the monumental cases that were studied concerned the research of a woman who was molested by her father on several occasions. The form of abuse was physical, sexual and mental; this affected her behavior in that she could not function like a normal human being. She began to show signs of DID when she became an adult. This was seen in her portrayal of four different personalities which were reflective of different stages of her life. One of the personalities was of a scared child, the second was of a rebellious teenager, the third was of a protective personality, and the fourth was the main personality. The main personality was the personality that her family and friends could identify. The main personality was also the only personality that could identify any of the other three personalities (Encyclopedia of medicine, p. 1).

This case study was pivotal in that it reaffirmed the existence of the disorder. There has been an increase in the number of people who display the symptoms of this disorder. There is still a considerable amount of research to be conducted due to the discovery of more distinguishing factors in such cases. This condition is thus, one of the behavioural conditions that continue to be featured as a behavioural trend in the field of psychology.

Impact of the trend

The behavioral trend has changed the way in which professionals in the field view dissociative and multi-personality disorders. Many professionals in this field had on several occasions opposed the existence of DID. The current research shows a considerable amount of evidence that argues for its existence. This has in turn led to the allocation of funds so that more research can be conducted.Another impact of the behavioral trend is the use of conducted research to examine critical cases such as that ofserial killers and mental illnesses. This has improved the approach of the society in this field of study due to the significant strides that have been made in solving related problems (Encyclopedia of medicine, p. 1).

In conclusion, the conduction of research in the field of psychology is one of the principal elements required for the study. The study of various behavioural aspects is essential due to the need to amend some of the problems that are caused as a result of these conditions. The Diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder is one of the latest behavioural trends that have received an enormous amount of attention due to its uniqueness. Several families have been significantly affected by this condition due to the damages it brings forth. It is thus essential to continue reading the latest trend articles so that society can be educated on the new discoveries in the professional world.


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