Proponents of going to Mars

Proponents of going to Mars believe the experience is an exploration opportunity and that it will motivate scientists and engineers to expand theirs around it. Besides, they believe that mars would be an ideal escape destination if the earth becomes extinct. However, these justifications are illogical. Humans should not go to mars as the earth cannot be extinct, the excitement of exploring Mars is short-lived, and scientists, as well as engineers, have more platforms to enrich their innovativeness, for example, finding solutions to a food shortage or global warming.

Going to the mars enhances human being survival. Natural or man-made events such as disease outbreaks or climate change threaten human existence. Humans must, therefore, consider becoming multi-planetary species. It is critical to go to mars in case the world becomes inhabitable and humans need a safer planet. However, Mars is not immune to the aforementioned threats to human survival. Therefore, humans would still experience the events in mars. Secondly, the chances of the feared events being life-extinction incidents are nil. Even the most critical catastrophe has survivors who repopulate and fill the earth. Going to mars to avoid extinction on earth is fear of the impossible.

Going to Mars would be an adventurous experience to the visitors and the world. Exploration activities in the past have triggered mass excitement, for example, over 600 million people followed the encounter of the first man landing to the moon. Therefore, going to Mars would also inspire and appeal to many. It is, however, critical to note that despite 600 million people following the moon landing activity, the interest had petered out by the time the last landing concluded. Therefore, it is illogical to expect the people eager to witness landings on mars to hold the interest for long. Therefore, it is unreasonable to invest in an irreversible move such as going to mars to satisfy one-time anxiety. Although exploration is an inspiring experience, a one-time excitement is undeserving of a long-term investment.

Going to Mars poses a significant engineering challenge to the world. It is an imagination that challenges scientists and engineers to invest in research and establish innovations that facilitate the enroute to and survival in mars. However, there are other significant issues such as climate change or food shortage that are equally motivating for scientists and engineers to enhance their knowledge. While it is critical to embrace available opportunities to expand knowledge, going to mars is not the only challenge to inspire professionals such as engineers and scientists.

In summary, proponents suggest that going to mars is critical for exploration, that it will inspire scientists and engineers, and save humans from extinction. However, the experience is unnecessary. Scientists and engineers can test and expand their knowledge in finding solutions to global warming or food shortage. Besides, the excitement of watching the mars journey is short-lived, and the fear of extinction is unfounded since survivors repopulate after a life-threatening event. Human beings should not entertain the thought of going to mars.





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