Post-Traumatic Stress diagnosis and research involved

In the year 1980, the Mental Disorders Manual for the Statistical Manual was involved in ensuring that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was diagnosed formally.  Since then, there have been many diagnoses, which are associated with this syndrome. They include situational disorder, gross stress reaction, as well as the stress response syndrome. The result is that many people with this syndrome are affected by situational stress and weakness of a personal nature (Gore, 2011).


In this article, it has been found out that trauma of a severe nature and individual experiences, brings, about anxiety, which is pathological. Several participants were used in carrying out this research and to be specific and were chosen for a random population. Also, veterans of the war were used in this research. In turn, they are bound to suffer from physical threat, which affects their integrity. Those suffering from this condition often experience horror, fear, and helplessness. Later on, the event is re-experienced by the person whereby, they are bound to become hyper-aroused, avoid others, or even become numb, to what is going on in their lives. The result is that it leads to functional impairment and distress, which is of a clinical nature (Gore, 2011). The researcher of the article believes that in order for one to be diagnosed with PTSD, they have experienced the traumatic event and the symptoms follow a month later.  The clinical research was extremely important for this study. It helped as ethical norms were closely followed.


The reason why this research was carried out was to find out the issues, which are associated with PTSD.  Some of the events, which are known to cause PTSD, include automobile accidents, violent assaults, war, and natural disasters. People who have conditions, which are life-threatening, are bound to become affected by PTSD. Children are also affected by PTSD when they experience trauma in their lives, such as physical and sexual violence. Stress and fear in human beings are as a result of brain functions. According to the analysis, PTSD occurs in three stages namely the Delayed on set, which has a symptom period of six months. The chronic stage and acute stage last for three months (Gore, 2011).


It has been found out in the study that there is a PTSD type, which is dissociative. This is because the features it has are neurobiological and this is extremely different from the form, which is non-dissociative. As a result of the effect, which is overmodulated, the subtype of a dissociative nature occurs. The result is that the limbic region, which is inhibited by the prefrontal dysregulations emotions (Israel & Hay, 2006). According to the findings, treatment is possible after the symptoms are known and this is beneficial for PTSD patients. Also, there is a high risk that those suffering from PTSD will become homicidal, suicidal, as well as impulsive. This is particularly for people who have been assaulted sexually. They are at a high risk of committing suicide and suffering from poor health. The only limitation of this study is that the participants were not from diverse populations, thus not extremely conclusive. It was also found out that those with this syndrome should seek treatment early enough, as it will ensure that they live meaningful lives (Gore, 2011).






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