Personal Statement About My way of life

Personal Statement About Me

As a high school graduate, I am tasked with the responsibility of determining the next step I take in life. The education I have received in the Qatar University has so far has acted as a stepping stone for my future education. It is thus ideal for me to ensure that I make the right choice in regard to where I choose to spend the next three years of my college life. I have always had an eye for business administration from the time immemorial. This was influenced by my surrounding environment and family. My grandfather played a significant role in my decision to opt for business as a possible career. His love for business gave my parents a chance to better themselves so that they too could invest in sustainable careers. My choice to take on this course in the future is a reflection of the advantages I have experienced from a successful community. I was introduced to the subject in high school through the study of business studies. This involved the conduction of transactions from one party to another. The process of acquiring a profit from the provision of a product or service makes the world go round. Having an involvement in this sector is not only geared towards earning a career but also taking part in the growth and sustainability of the country as a whole.

Apart from school work, I have taken an active stance in the extracurricular activities such as sports and music. Having alternative talent and skills compliments the hard work that I put in my education. I particularly enjoy taking part in athletic activities so that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. My love for business has been showcased in the earlier stages of my high school life. One of the memorable first business deals involves taking part in a charity car wash that resulted in receiving 80% profits after the subtraction of my overheads. This gave me the confidence to take on more complex ventures such as applying for internships in the business of close family friends so as to familiarize myself with the business world.

Having the opportunity to join college as a business administration student will sum up the completion of the goals I set when in elementary school. Earning a college degree is significant for my future in terms of receiving a better lifestyle. This objective is more vital due to the current state of the economy. Most of the children my age have chosen to take different routes due to the recent recession that the world experienced. My choice to join the business world is thus a positive reaction to the negative perception formed of people responsible for the recession. I have therefore challenged myself to do something about the current state of the global economy by being part of the upcoming generation.

Joining the business world will ensure that I get a career in a significant industry in the country. Another essential factor is the advantage that comes with rising to the top of any company with such a career. This will ensure that I am able to help the next generation realize their ability by offering myself as a mentor to the less fortunate. Being an inspiration to a fellow student is what I strive to achieve. This can only be made possible with the investment on a viable education in the next stage of my learning experience.



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