Personal Action Plan importance analysis

Personal Action Plan

Personal action plan is an essential tool in initiating personal development and creating positive changes to one’s life, the social situation in one’s community, his or her place of work, or the school. This paper brings out a subject about changes that one can make an individual to improve the social situation in his or her community, the work place, or school as related to diversity. Human diversity is viewed from the context of cultural diversity, racial and ethical diversities, sexual orientation or differences, and differences in socioeconomic status. Making changes in one’s life, the community, or in other areas that influences personal life takes course from various ways.

Causing changes to social situations would have in any aspect of life is always in line with cultural diversities, ethical differences, sexual differences, as well as differences or diversities in people’s socioeconomic status. Cultural diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, in race, in religion, in language, as well as sexual orientation. The changes that a person can initiate in his or her community could highly rely on his or hers cultural background in the aspects of race, language, sex, nationality, or religion. The degree or ability to cause change to the society or in the palace of work or even within a school setting depends on the cultural diversities in that community.

A person’s ability to cause change in the community could be affected by his or her gender and social economic status as the main factors. Many communities consider males as more superior with their superiority increasing with high socioeconomic status. A rich man is more likely to be listened to than a woman is. A person in this case can initiate changes through acting as the voice of the community. A male member of the community is in a better position to be heard. A man in the community can act as a group leader such that he can lead the group towards the achievement of various communal goals or objectives. Men have the physical ability to develop projects while women are good in implementing such changes. The major problem in this case of sexual orientation and community development or in the workplace is the issue of gender biasness or gender disparity. This problem denies women their change to exercise their abilities in the community, school, or workplace thus leading to failure in developing such areas.

Race also plays a role in causing changes in the community, schools, or the workplace. Racial diversities can lead to discrimination hence leading to barriers in community development, and unfairness in the workplace. Diversities in race should therefore be avoided whenever leading any changes that would develop a community. Race is closely related to ethical issues that would also affect any changes being initiated in a community, in education, or in the workplace. Discrimination by ethical diversities or race can lead to poor choices of skills when it comes to human capital. Judgments made on aspect of assumptions that a certain race is more superior in abilities than another race could lead to biasness and negativities when initiating changes to the community.

Changing the community and personal beliefs that some cultures, races, religions, or ethical groups are more superior would help in changing the community perception towards skill selection that are meant to lead a community, the workplace, or a school into positive changes. People should understand that diversities are never related to personal strengths or weaknesses. Some women are strong enough to take the position of men in community development, good relations in the workplace, or promote success and good relations in schools. People should be taught that all people have equal abilities as long as they have the required skills or characteristics to lead a development change in the society, workplace, or in school.



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