Pepperdine University Admission Essay

I believe that Pepperdine University has the best interests of its students as it is a Christian university. According to the mission statement at Pepperdine University, students are meant to uphold strict Christian values. Moreover, one should at the same time strive towards achieving academic excellence of the highest standards (Pepperdine University, 2011.1). This means that as a student, one should act in a Christian like manner in all aspects of campus life. It also means believing in the Christian faith will living a life, which is productive, as well as thoughtful. Furthermore, one should always ensure that service and leadership is conducted in a Christian manner (Ross, 2000.34). There are many ways through, which the world can be influenced by knowledgeable actions that I will undertake. I will attempt to make sure that I develop my faith, and that of my peers. This will be done without infringing on their rights or personal privacy. Moreover, the inquiry and ideas expressed by others will not be ignored, but rather viewed positively. The church as well as the society will be enhanced by my actions.

Some of the qualities that I seek to enhance includes spreading of wisdom and knowledge. This will be through being a role model, who will be emulated by all those who know and hear about me. I have a role, which is formative in the university, but this should not be in the light of a secular life. Many people will be inspired by the Christian engagement, which I will always have. The Bible will be my companion and it will be my guide while learning at the university. It will serve as my inspiration as it has valuable information regarding life and faith of Christians. My personal transformation at the university will be due to the biblical principles that I follow.  In turn, I will always seek to inspire other human beings. The scriptures will enable me to develop, while at the same time acquire a Christian world view. Christian values are vital in the ethical actions and decisions that I will make. Furthermore, the environment is suitable for the formation of an excellent Christian. As part of the university’s mission, all aspects of campus life such as living, working and studying, will be centered on Christianity.

The values, which I have acquired in my life such as integrity, justice, compassion and caring, will be known to everyone. Also, it will be vital for me to ensure that the campus community does the same. Harmony, unity, respect, dignity and fairness are some of the ways, which I will treat others in campus (Harvard Independent, 2002. 45). This will ensure that the common mission of the university is effectively achieved. Learning is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to attend university. The fact that Pepper is a Christian university even makes me more motivated to learn and pass well in my examinations. The community will be assured of my help. It is through community service that I will make my service and purpose be known to everybody. Pepperdine University offers me the best and most suitable environment needed for becoming an exemplary Christian (Pepperdine University, 2011.1). Lastly, Pepperdine University is the best choice I have made concerning higher Christian learning in a Christian environment. This means that I will contribute to its service, learning, community faith as well as mission.






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