Opening and Closing descriptions on a script

Script Plot Point 1: Opening & Closing descriptions

Ext. Street day 1

Décor (palm tree, dart board, skate board, pine tree, folding knife)

Character (Tyler)

(The warm breeze is blowing past the horizon in between the trees and the light sunrays are falling upon the green park reflecting on the moist leaves. The clear sky portrays the calm Caribbean ocean that provide an inviting warm climate and a beautiful picnic day. A palm tree dangles with a dartboard pinned on one of the branches. Tyler is a young American male in his 20s standing beside the palm and holding a skateboard in his arms. The hanging dartboard impresses him and his mind deeply focuses on the board’s bull’s eye. He skates 20 yards away from the palm tree and returns at a high speed aiming at the darts board with the knife firm in his hands. Tyler throws the folding knife and hits the bull’s eyes while skating towards the hanging dartboard. The dartboard wiggles due to the impact from the knife hitting the board. He perceives this as a disappointment since his attention was centered on the bull’s eye. He takes the knife away and keeps in the backpack then takes a quick overview of the park and selects a spot under a pine tree.)


Plot Point 2: Inciting Incident

Public park day

Characters on set (Tyler, Johnny, girls acting as extra characters)

Décor (park scenery and a sidewalk view)

(Tyler is seen lying on the grass gazing at the clear blue sky with a skateboard besides him. Moments later, he quickly falls into a deep sleep loosing grip of the skateboard. Suddenly he wakes on the realization of the missing skateboard looking in different directions in search of the board. Tyler is not able to trace the skateboard and cannot visualize on anyone around where he was sleeping. He stands on his feet and runs out towards the sidewalk then captures someone skating from a distance at the end of the street. Tyler rushes towards the curb and accidentally bumps into a friend. Johnny is a 30-year-old Cuban male straight and is muscular in appearance with a menacing character. He is walking along the corridors of the street while ogling sexy girls clad in bikini).




Conversation between Tyler and Johnny

Tyler: What’s up buddy long time no see!

Johnny: Dude where have you been? I have not seen you like forever, rumors has it that you were not around. So tell me, what are you up to?  (Tyler keeps looking around) men are you ok?

Tyler: Somebody stole my skateboard while I was sleeping under some tree at the park.

Johnny: Damn it! Well you certain that cannot be me man. (Johnny laughs out loudly) Listen Ty; there are many things that aren’t right here anymore because we have got a whole bunch of new guys who are really fishy. (Tyler stops looking around and now focuses on Johnny).

Tyler: Where the hell can I find the bustards? (Looking very irritated with a frowning face).

Johnny: Listen, me I already told you that it is a bunch of them and honestly, you don’t have the guts to face them (With a sarcastic smile).

Tyler: Knock it off am not going to snitch on you if that is what worries you man. Am in dire need of your help buddy, trust me rattling is not my style and I think you know that by now.

Johnny: Yeah man, I know kiddo you are a straight pal and I can always trust you.

(Tyler is looking at Johnny in a rather convincing manner).

Tyler: Speak up man, just spill the beans buddy.

Johnny: (Looking amused and enticed) this gang of boys doesn’t put up in one place for lengthy periods, they keep on moving to avoid getting caught and you know what! They look like you, Ty. These are young kids with pretty faces and I am so sure you wouldn’t believe that they are capable of doing such stuff.

Tyler: am getting it but then how can I get them, what do you suggest here?

Johnny 🙁 laughing) I think you should just keep looking for your board that is the easiest way here.

Tyler: (looking disappointed and angry) Thanks buddy, you have really been of good help to me. (He suddenly walks away, looks back and throws his arms with a cold look.) I hope to see you around.


Plot Point 3: First Act Break

(Tyler walks around the neighborhood scouring through people and places. Missing his skateboard, he looks increasingly discouraged as he walks down back to the ally. Suddenly, he spots a skateboard and dashes towards it but stops in his tracks after realizing that the board does not belong to him. Tyler curses loudly)

All is lost

Ext public park day 2

Décor (Benches, the tree environment, green fields and skate board)

Characters (Tyler, skate boarder 1 and skate boarder 2)

(Tyler walks to a public park where people are gathered engaged in different activities. He is in search of a skateboard and notices some unattended skateboards. Tyler hurries towards the skateboards and checks them out where he grabs a skated that looks similar to the one he owned. Tyler is suddenly attacked by powerful kicks and blows from different directions and he falls to the ground. While on the ground, he desperately tries to reach for his knife from the back pocket but is easily incapacitated by a number of yelling skate boarders.


Conversation between Tyler and the skate boarders

Skateboarder 1: (shouting loudly in anger) you dare come steel our skate boards you moron?

Tyler: I have note committed any crime or stolen anything. I am trying to locate a skateboard that was stolen from me moments ago.

Skateboarder 2: Get the lost bum and don’t ever come back we already marked you. Thief!

Skateboarder3: You can try elsewhere I saw some guy with a similar skate board like the one you are asking a while ago. He is by the street corridor

Tyler: (while standing up in deep pain) alright you guys win

(Tyler staggers away clutching his waist, his face covered in blood and stops to lean at a corner to take a breath. He suddenly notices Jonny from a distance on a skateboard.


Plot point 4 Climax

Décor (Street Avenue and a skate board)

Characters (Johnny and Tyler)

(Tyler walks in a dizzy manner and looks very exhausted. He walks towards Jonny.)

Tyler: (speaking while cursing) where did you find my skateboard?

Johnny: (Looks at Tyler aggressively) get the lost you clown! Don’t try playing that stupid game on me.

Tyler (looks confused and lost for words) that is my skateboard and I would like to have it.

Jonny: I found the skateboard and I am not willing to give it to you. You better get lost before I give the repeat of the earlier beating!


Plot point 4 resolution

Décor (a dirty living room, couch, small lamp, television set, knife and a coffee table)

Characters (Robert and Tyler)

(Tyler is lying on the couch in deep thought while gazing away into the ceiling. Robert walks into the room while holding a first aid kit and some bandages. The two have a short conversation and Tyler walks out in rush with a knife in his hands.)


Robert: I heard what happened to you my friend and came as fast as I could. Please tell in detail how you got involved in all this.

Tyler: You are just like him

Robert: (Robert is shocked) Like who? What do you mean?

Tyler (while standing up and unfolding his knife) I mean Jonny and you friends can’t be trusted. Get out of my way (he storms out of the house)


Plot point 5

Ext Street

Décor (skate board, corridor with a pole, knife and stones)

Characters (Johnny, crowd, voice1, voice2 and Tyler)

(As Tyler walks down the street corridors, he spots Jonny from a distance leaning on pole in a dark corridor and rushes towards him while yelling. Tyler stabs Johnny with the knife on his chest and faces then picks up his skateboard while dashing in a hurry. A crowd appears and stones Jonny to death).



Tyler: Johnny! Johnny!

Johnny: I thought I told you to stay away from my face?

(Tyler walks to Johnny and stabs him severally on the chest. Jonny falls down bleeding profusely and cries for help. Tyler takes off in a rush)

Voice1: This is Johnny!

Voice 2: Yes the hardcore thief. (He shouts) Thief! Thief! Thief!

(A crowd gathers with stones some people carrying stones while others have hockey sticks. The angry mob stones Johnny to death.



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