My Career As A Doctor ;personal statement


I grew up in a traditional Indian culture, which was extremely reserved, because of the old fashioned thinking.  My father was keen on following tradition as well as being against westernization. He did not want me to attend college schooling.  Instead, he wanted me to stay at home and learn household chores, such as how to clean and cook. This was for the purpose of him, ensuring that I could get married to a man of his choice by the age of 18 years. I had always wanted to go to college and eventually pursue my dream of being a doctor. This has been my dream since I was a young girl. Fortunately, I left home to fulfill my dream and lived on my own while I attended community college. Here, I struggled as I had to take the pre requisite classes, while working two jobs to support myself through college, also, the money I obtained. The hardships, which I underwent, have made by dream easier to realize .Going through all this hardship, made me extremely stronger than before. I have also been motivated to continue on this fulfilling path and to attain my greatest desire.

My mother always wanted to be independent. This is despite the fact that she was married off at the age of 19. Later on, gave birth to me at the age of 20 years. She was also interested in matters concerning health care as well. This is when she worked for a physician when she was younger; however, after she got married, it came to an end. She was not allowed to continue and finish her schooling as my father’s family was extremely traditional.  They were old fashioned and only believed in men being the bread makers. This means that women were are not highly regarded in this society in terms of them obtaining an education. The men ought to be studying, not the women of the family. My mother did not want me to suffer the same fate that she did. Thus, when my father opposed to the idea of me going to college, she stood up for me. She also helped me move out of our home and she suffered a lot because of this. She had to bear a lot abuse from my father, both verbally and physically.  This dream is shared by both my mother and I and I have the opportunity of fulfilling it.

My fascination with the utter complexity of the interesting human body, its propensity to go wrong and the application of science and technology to its remedy is the main reason why I have chosen to study Medicine. I am extremely intrigued by the myriad of challenges, which face doctors on a frequent basis, from simple cases of influenza to rare diseases such as Necrotizing Fasciitis. My desire to help people obliges me to strive to achieve my lifelong ambition of becoming a successful doctor. This is despite the fact that the medicine field in terms of career is ever-changing and challenging career that is Medicine.

I have dreamt of becoming a physician since my childhood, my decision to pursue medicine was solidified after the last year at community college. This is before I enrolled at the university to pursue a Biology degree. I had a 6 month break between the two college semesters.  I decided to go to back to India to visit my family.  While visiting them, my aunt became severely sick to the point whereby, she had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. I sort permission from her physician to be able to help her to gain better understanding of what a medicine career entails. I would help the nurses in scheduling surgeries, following physicians around, as well going on morning rounds. This is for the purpose of getting to know what it takes to be a doctor. Also, to get an insight into how MRI, CAT and NMR scanning machines function. Also, to help to ensure that cancer is cured after being detected.  After witnessing many patients who were sick, it was at times distressing, but the whole experience motivated me to pursue medicine even more.

I arranged a placement at the community college where I taught math and science to children in high school. This increased my ability to deliver ideas clearly and also, assertively. I also volunteered at a local UC Davis Surgery where I observed a General Practitioners’ daily work routine. My duties included helping with the patients with sanitation, dressing wounds, observing surgery and doing paperwork.

To gain more experience, I joined the Camp Kasem at UC Berkeley, as a coordinator administrator, and my duties included creating, tracking and managing the budget. Marketing and publicizing Camp Kasem to the local communities, developing community partnerships for camper recruitments and also, training more counselors to help out in this initiative. I have leadership competency, teamwork ability and efficient communication skills, which ensure i contribute ideas and arguments fluently. These are three feats, which will prove useful, in the field of Medicine.

I am delighted about the opportunity to commence my career as a doctor, by studying Medicine at __________and look forward to academic and emotional challenges it presents.






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