steps neccessary in behavioral research

1. It is necessary that methods of research are known to people in any society. This is because there is a need to ensure that people are informed. In turn, people will be able to live more meaningful lives. The press is involved in providing that information of a scientific nature is available to people. The information obtained should be used intelligently. The processes involved in scientific research, take place in the form of evaluation, formulation, conduction, as well as design.

2. The article as to why females, who are in warm areas, are more likely to suffer from disorders caused by eating. Furthermore, it was proven that in Florida University, the females were more prone to this disorder as compared to those in Pennsylvania. The issue in this article is the eating disorders and its relation to females studying in two different universities. The cause of the eating disorders is a result of temperature, which is high in Florida as compared to Pennsylvania. The effect of their being high temperatures is that the females are experiencing problems related to eating disorders. The behavior of the females in the different states as well as the warm weather is the reason for the eating disorder.

3. Every research article has different sections, which the researcher seeks to ensure is effectively communicated. The aim of carrying out the research should be known, and this is through the effects of the issues that were raised. The method or procedure followed in determining the purpose of the study is next. At this stage, the researcher gathers useful data to be used in knowing what the effect and cause of his research are. After this comes to the scene whereby the researcher comes up with findings as well as results of the study which was carried out. The behavior is known, and this is after the data has proceeded to provide meaningful information. An explanation should be given to understand what the findings mean. This information is critical in understanding the outcome of the research. An evaluation should be conducted to find out the credibility of the study. Each of these stages is essential as they enable those who are reading an article to know the methods, followed in coming up with a conclusion. Lastly, the credibility of the research is shown through the use of information that has been provided.

4. Ethical concerns are raised when false feedback is given to participants concerning their ability levels, as well as their personality. This is because it is against the rules of ethics whereby, researchers are meant to be truthful, honest, and to ensure errors do not occur. So long as a participant is given information, which is not valid, an ethical violation has occurred. This is regardless of whether the information is positive or negative. An experimenter might provide positive feedback if it benefits them. If the experiment believes that they will not help they will give negative feedback. Experimenters should ensure that they follow the policies which exist concerning research matters.

5. There is a finding that those who do not have wine, by the glass daily are not as healthy as those who do. The other variables, which concern this matter, are the way of life, as well as the wealth of the people who take the wine. These variables are known to increase people’s health. Since there are other variables, which affect the health of people, it is difficult to find the effect and cause. A problem of the third variable is created whereby; the second and first variables are interfered with. This means it is not possible to confirm the credibility of this research article. In every experiment, the experiments must be controlled to ensure that they do not provide information, which is not credible. This has adverse effects on people, as it might be interpreted negatively. As a result of this article being published, other experiments will use the different variables to prove if the information on the first article is accurate.

6. When using Naturalistic observation methods of research, the researcher will have to observe while at the environment, which is natural. Information is collected at the AA meetings, and it cannot be manipulated. The suitable methods are through observer narratives and tally counts. Data of a sample nature should be collected, and this will be used in the analysis. It is essential that teenagers are observed when there are different situations and settings.

7. It is vital that when coming up with surveys, the questions should be accurate. This ensures that those who are to answer know what it being asked precisely. Also, the items should be relevant to the research. This will assist in coming up with answers which are too specific as well as beneficial to the survey. Other factors include honesty, free from plagiarism, among others.



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