memory and marijuana by elisabeth lasley

According to an article by an author known as Elisabeth Lasley, she believes that memory is strengthened by a chemical that occurs in a natural state. She further comments that it is much safer as compared to marijuana. Experiences, which occur in life, are stuck in a person’s memory for a long time. Research has found out that, in the brain, there are endocannabinoids which perform similar functions as marijuana. They are known to charge up memories in human beings. Critics do not believe in this research as it is of no relevance. This means that smoking of marijuana is beneficial to people who want to improve their memory. People should not follow this finding blindly without thinking about the consequences smoking marijuana (Lasley, 2009. 1).

According to a university of Californian author, the finding is a stepping stone in achieving success in how marijuana can be used for beneficial purposes. A chemical messenger located in the brain is responsible for the process of memory. The latter takes part in what is known as the basolateral complex. Furthermore, in order to ensure that people forget painful experiences, stress hormones are present to carry out this function. Scientists have found out that the brain memory function is improved by endocannabinoids. Furthermore, they have other beneficial purposes such as controlling pain, moods, appetite and even movement. Caution needs to be taken as is if the endocannabinoid receptors are over stimulated the result is extremely disastrous (Lasley, 2009. 1). The latter is even made worse if a person is smoking marijuana as compared to one who does not. The result is that they will suffer from severe problems related to memory. The same test was conducted in animals, and the results were different. According to the experiment, the neural firing is affected by the CB1 receptors which are present. Memories, which people treasure and are emotionally responsive, are solidified through the help of endocannabinoids. This information was provided by Patrizia Campolongo, McGaugh and his other colleagues.

Other attempts have been made to prove the fact that the natural chemical is indeed beneficial to animals and human beings. An experiment involving rats to prove the point on memory was conducted in order to learn more about CB1 receptors. It was found out that rats remember incidents that occurred to them depending on a vital issue that took place. In this case, the shock the rats received made them remember certain issues. Glucocorticoids found in the brain are affected by endocannabinoids. It seems that the CB1 blocker makes animals not to remember events (Lasley, 2009. 1). Thus, in order to improve the memories of animal’s corticosterone, a hormone must be administered. The authors have also found out that the basolateral amygdale is vital to memory. Furthermore, memory and feeling full after eating takes place due to hormones in the brain. The latter are fat hormonal cells that substantially help the basolateral amygdale in memory enhancement. I concur with this information as the sources are credible, but more research needs to be done.

McGaugh believes that this discovery is beneficial to the animal kingdom. It will be easy for animals to remember where they last found food. Also, they will know where not to go in order to avoid getting into trouble. In my opinion, this discovery is extremely dangerous to animals. It means that animals such as rats will be found and eaten more by cats that are larger than them. In turn, even the food webs and food chains that exist will be threatened, and the impact will be disastrous (Lambert, 2008. 45).

It is ironical that marijuana is a cause for peoples failing memories yet it is viewed as a cure for memory problems. It seems that there is some contradiction in the research that has been presented by many scientists. According to a Brazilian university head of pharmacology department known as Rafael Roesler, endocannabinoids are key to many problems. If, further research is done disorders that are stress related can easily be treated. Various cognition and memory problems will be solved (Lasley, 2009. 1). The cannabinoid system might be the solution that is extremely needed. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer are disorders that occur due to disruptions of the cannabinoid system. In the future, there is hope that such diseases will not exist because the more will be known about this matter.

I believe that marijuana should not be used as a treatment for disorders that affects human beings. Smoking marijuana affects both short term and long term memory. In turn, those who smoke it often have impaired cognition, as well as their thinking speed reduces. This information is through a study that was conducted in Greece (McIntosh, 2009.23). The population study was obtained from a treatment program for drug abusers between the ages of seventeen to forty nine. Furthermore, if people are allowed to take marijuana to treat their memory problems they might become addicts. The number of marijuana peddlers will increase, and society will have to deal with this menace. The article by Lasley is informative, but it does not provide a proper solution to problems concerning memory. In conclusion, marijuana should be banned and not be used for experiments especially in human beings.

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