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Dibb et al (2005) has described marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large A marketing concept can, therefore, be defined as a strategy that is used by companies and marketing agencies to satisfy customer needs maximize profits while at the same time still focus on beating their competitors. It is possible to formulate quick marketing concepts that represent the philosophy behind a company’s efforts to fulfill its customers’ needs thus marketing concepts are seen as being able to benefit both customers and companies.

Marketing concepts

To plan and strategize marketing, most companies have designed and implement various marketing concepts some of which are stated below.

The 5 major marketing concepts are:

  • Production concept
  • Product concept
  • Selling concept
  • Marketing concept
  • Social marketing concept 

The production concept

Almost all the marketing strategies would begin with the production phase. The underlying reason for this idea is that customers have been found to feel satisfied with high-quality goods; goods that are properly manufactured and despite that, they are of quality, they are subsequently sold at fair prices meaning that they are affordable. Due to the above reason regarding production, the production phase in any company should be optimized accordingly to ensure that it fits the needs of the customer base.

The concept regarding production had first came into limelight in the 1950s followed by a system of demand and supply. Some people have argued that the concept has become inefficient and outdated with time, however as I mentioned above, I still feel that the focus on the production of quality product at affordable prices still has a place in the modern society. With this concept, businesses only need to focus on the demands in the market and subsequently strive to supply what the customers might require. My photo advertisement has tried to depict the advert of quality gym wears that are sold at affordable prices. Considering the demand factor, the company has taken the initiative to ensure the demanded goods are supplied to the customers, who are in need. Focusing on this concept will consequently work to ensure that a company is always ahead of the others in terms of competition.

The product concept

The product concept has been pegged on the idea that consumers favor good quality products or items that are of higher quality than the rest. From this concept, consumers have been found to have a high liking for better quality goods with better performance.

Innovative products also have a place in the customer’s needs, taking, for example, the rise of smartphones, despite the phones having no additional value to the consumers, the advancement and the innovation that the phones represented made several consumers like them. This concept, therefore, focuses on marketing strategies that aim at product improvements whether the products are of quality or technology innovations.

This concept also focuses on ensuring that the company’s products are well naturalized within the market, for example, it is possible to produce high-quality products but without adapting these products to the market there is bound to realize low sales. My photo advertisements have not shown that the company produces good quality products but has also shown that due consideration to the relevance of your products in an area is also a vital factor to consider. In conclusion, these concepts’ ultimate focus is on the customer; it is important to learn as much about their needs and to develop products that are in line with their tastes.

The selling concept

This is a concept that is based on the idea that people won’t but a company’s goods and products unless they are persuaded to do so. Business in today’s world does not only focus sales but however the ultimate goal and objective of advertisements is to ensure that businesses experience occurring sales as opposed to one-time sales. For this reason, businesses and companies have the mandate to design advertisements that are meant to lure customers to come and but their products. In the ancient past, convincing consumers was an easy task and was not as difficult as it is today however in the today’s business world, consumers almost have all the information one may think of relaying to them and this subsequently requires those in charge of designing advertisements to put in some tactful strategies to ensure that their mission is achieved. People in today’s world with the availability of the internet can browse through what they need to buy before choosing their purchase and this is where the selling concept comes in to become an important marketing strategy. The photos have tried to clearly show this concept.

The marketing concept

This is the concept that is concerned with matters competition and this is where the companies and businesses need to put more focus on. This is important that works to ensure that the business is well ahead of the others by promoting a company’s brand with the utmost ability to influence the consumers to make a purchase. The marketing concept has a variety of options all of which are aimed at improving sales.

  • Content marketing
  • Advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Native advertising

The important aspect of this concept is to ensure that the best strategy has been put in place to ensure that the brand has been given the best image it deserves in the customer’s face. Content marketing may be effective on some occasions depending on the intended customer base however in some situations it may require a mixture of the other techniques to ensure the best result is obtained. Just like in my case, the photos can act as content marketing to convince customers however there might still need to include the word of mouth to compliment the marketing strategy.

My photos have focused on delivering value to the customers, a value that I assume is better than that of the other competitors. With the above photos, the company is trying to convince the consumers that their products are the best option compared to the others.

The social marketing concept

This is the most modern concept of marketing. The marketing concept has a different strategy that has a relatively different mindset that is based on the idea that companies give back to society through the provision of quality products that are responsible for increasing the welfare of the people subsequently making the world a better place. This concept is trying to deliver sustainable marketing, strategies that are socially and environmentally responsible. The marketer aims to meet the needs of today’s consumers while also preserving or enhancing the probability for future generations to also meet their future needs.

Social marketing calls for sustainable marketing, socially and environmentally responsible marketing that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This marketing concept puts Human welfare on top before profits and satisfying the wants.

For example, most of the fast-food companies fail at this social marketing concept, by focusing only on what they can produce right now for the maximum profit and disregard the fact that they are selling products that are unhealthy, packed in convenient packages that end up as waste or even more, pollutants on the streets, in the waters,


Examples of marketing concepts

As I have mentioned above, good marketing concepts focus on the consumer’s experience from the production phase and up to social responsibility. Due to this reason, a good marketing concept example is the product in concept state.


The marketing industry is and has always been a vast domain with a lot of applications, concepts, and philosophies. In this paper, I have tried to present, in short, the five existing marketing concepts defined and explained their meanings concerning the photo advertisement. These philosophies are all tied together and they can be implemented in all stages of online and offline business advertisements starting with the production and up to the social responsibility, however, some businesses and companies may feel the need to only apply some of the concepts while excluding some.



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