LLB Programme at The University Of Pretoria

I hereby apply for admittance to pursue a law degree in the LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria. I believe that the LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria is designed for persons like me who have the impetus and potential to do extremely well in their careers. It is in my judgment that, this program is intended for persons who hold the background and, analytical skills necessary in administrative and managerial inclined decision-making. This is in order to produce law graduates who hold a systematic as well as, sound body of knowledge, and understanding of pertinent principles, and, concepts. I believe that the LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria is designed to provide some insight into law in practice, as well as to impart skills, which would enable, its graduates work effectively and co-operatively as members of a team. I believe that this program would equip me with an extensive technical competency, and an appreciation of the function of the law in practice.

In this admission essay, I have provided a synopsis of my scholarly and social attributes. I have as well provided a synopsis of my career goals, and inspiration to pursue the LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria. I am presently completing my matric year at the Cornwall Hill College. I have been an active student in several spheres of high school education. This can be attested by my diverse achievements in scholarly, community, as well as extra-curricular spheres. I have enrolled twice in the South African team for performing arts prior to participating in the World championships (AMTC) in Florida. I attained a level 3 first aid but found it appropriate to engage in community service through volunteering at the Pediatric Oncology ward in Unitas Hospital. I actively participated in the environmental club at my school, as well as in the college hockey and swimming teams. I am currently completing the President’s award bronze level, as part of my numerous efforts to pursue Nobel causes, which would assist me in interacting with new people, as well as, getting involved in bringing constructive change in humanity.

I hold immense admiration for The University of Pretoria’s national moot court competition which facilitates novices to experience elements of the law industry. I hold high esteem towards debating and expressing my opinion and, therefore, I enrolled in the Afrikaans redenaars team. The faculty has exceptional lecturers and grants learners with excellent practice as well as theory courses. The University of Pretoria has a homely feel that draws my heart to be closer to it. In light of this, I find the LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria the most suitable channel to prepare for a flourishing career, since it initiates scholars to progressive research across the field as well as trains them to become dynamic global citizens. I draw immense inspiration to pursue the LLB program at the University of Pretoria from my family. A few years ago, my family was drawn in with a couple of legal tussles and having been affected, albeit indirectly, by the repercussions it increasingly fuelled my resolve to pursue the LLB programme. This is because I desire to that person that would assist people in successfully pursuing their legal battles.
I consider it as a privilege to secure admittance to pursue an LLB Programme at the University of Pretoria. For that reason, I am determined to match the excellence standards stipulated by the University of Pretoria.



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