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Lesson summary and general objective   

This lesson will have focus on geometry and different geometric shapes.

Students are required to understand the information that relates to the earliest theorists in geometry. At the end of the lesson plan, they are also necessary to understand some of the primary and essential geometric principles that are important in the construction of pyramids.

At the end of the lesson, the student is required to be proficient in their geometrical skills and be able to use the necessary tools to solve geometrical problems

Factors to be considered by the students as well as the class. A classroom plays a vital role in the process of learning for students. It is, therefore, imperative that a classroom is conducive for learning as well as teaching(Dance-Schissel, 2018). This means that the environment in a class should be free of any hazards or any form of distractions. Also, the class environment can be defined as the mood that is prevalent in class between the teacher and the students. This is mainly in terms of the attitude depicted between the teacher and the students. In most cases, a bad mood may affect an effective teaching process and primarily will not provide the expected results, which involves the student getting the concept being taught.

It is essential to understand that a positive environment in a classroom should feel safe for both the teacher and the student. Also, it ought to be supportive of the process of student learning. To create a positive classroom environment, it is essential to utilize rules, norms as well as the advancement of excellent peer interaction as well as encouraging functional interactions with the students during the lesson(Karsner, 2019).

Classroom rules need to be available to ensure that they create a safe atmosphere that is necessary for learning. With the rules, the students are aware of boundaries that they should stick with. They help guide their behavior and ensure that they have a safe and conducive environment. These clear boundaries are essential in providing that the students can be able to self-regulate themselves based on the rules. This is also important in shaping the behavior of students. They are designed to help them make the correct choices(Karsner, 2019).

For this lesson plan, it is essential to understand that the teaching room factors around 30 students as well as a tutor or a professor. On the other hand, the student’s factors around 500 students as well as an inclusion classroom.

National / State

Learning Standards:


The use of books and guidelines such as CCSS Math Content KGA 2. This is important as it offers information correctly naming shapes regardless of their orientation and size(Ley, 2018).

Secondly, the CSSS math content KGA 5 helps in disseminating information on model shapes in the world of building shapes utilizing components such as sticks, clay balls as well as drawing of shapes

Specific learning target(s) / objectives: Teacher notes:

·         The student can utilize the information and knowledge acquired in building thinking logic skills.

·         Information acquired is also essential in deductive reasoning which are skills that the students are bound to acquire

·         The student is bound to learn excellent analytical skills that will ensure they are good problem solvers

·         The student will have a spatial understanding of world shapes and sizes.

·         The student is bound to understand and be knowledgeable about different geometric shapes

·         The student will use the information acquired from the geometry to develop 3D images as a result of 3D thinking creatively.


The lessons have a particular focus on geometry and concepts that revolve around shapes and sizes.

·         The first day the vital lesson will be to understand the need for geometry in real-life situations

·         The second day the experience will take a focus on some of the various geometric shapes

·         The third day the experience will be focusing on the earliest theorists that existed in geometry.

·         The fourth day the lesson will shed light on applying different basic geometric principles to construct a pyramid.

Agenda: Formative assessment:
Make an introduction to the topic of the onset of the lesson.

The facts and important terminologies that are related to the topic of geometry are discussed and elaborated well. Allow the students to engage in handling some of the problems presented in the topic. The topic may also have multiple choices that the students can choose from.

Allow the students enough time to solve the problems and each of the calculations.

Utilize the strategies that have been used by the students after dropping the investigations.

Allow the students to ask a question to gauge their understanding of the entire topic and concepts.


Questions are to be asked to gauge whether the students have understood the topic taught during the lesson.

Ask a critical question to gauge whether the students can apply the concepts in understanding and solving the problems.

Based on the lesson, ask the students on the best way that they can identify anything and attempt in the event they had a similar scenario

Academic Language:
Key Vocabulary: Functions: Form:

a point refers to an exact location

in space or a flat surface

Lines, on the other hand, are utilized in connecting two points.

The line segments connect two endpoints (Ley, 2018)

The midpoint refers to the central point, which divides the segment into two equal parts.

Rays, on the other hand, refers to a line that extends without end in one direction.

A plane is two dimensional

Coplanar refers to points in one plane.


The students can use the information acquired to answer and solve problems that relate to geometry.

The utilization of pictures will allow the students to make guesses and meaning of the concepts that are being taught.

It is also a great platform to show the similarities to the words that the students are already familiar with.


Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Technology:  

Some of the materials that are necessary for this lesson include card stock, rulers, pencils or pens, scissors, as well as tape.

Grouping: It is essential to have a flexible grouping that will ensure the students can work together even in the absence of the teacher. The groups created can be meant to last at least a week, a month, and hours as well. They must be temporary groups. It is allowed the students can shift from one group to another. The groups must be designed in a way to ensure that they have mixed the race and gender of the students.  
A. Opening  
Prior knowledge connection:  

The lesson is related to the introductory lesson on the introduction of geometry and the theorist on the topic of geometry.

Anticipatory Set: The lesson will equip the students with knowledge of the need for geometry. This will show the different uses of geometry in real-life situations.

It will also equip the student with information on various geometric shapes

The lesson will allow the student to understand the different theories in geometry, especially the ones from the earliest years.

The lesson will seek to equip the student with skills in the application of the geometric principles in the construction of the pyramid.

B.  Learning and Teaching Activities (Teaching and Guided Practice):  
I do Students do Differentiation  

1.      Making of stations of study

2.      Assigning projects to different students and groupings

3.      Use the task cards to offer the students a range of content.

4.      They are conducting interviews on the students.


1.      The students will work in teams as they have been grouped to solve the geometrical problems

2.      Students will utilize the task cards in their respective groups

3.      Students are expected to express their know-how of  the topic when asked so in the interview

4.      The projects will be assigned to the students, and this will allow them to show their knowledge on the topic effectively

1.      The lessons will be designed according to the different learning styles of students

2.      Students are to be grouped according to shared interests as well as their different abilities in the topic of geometry.

3.      Utilize the formative assessment to gauge the understanding of the students

4.      Developing a safe and friendly environment for the students by having proper management of the classroom.

5.      Designing the information to fit different profiles of students.

                        Summative Assessment                                                               Differentiation
  The teacher is at liberty to collect the evaluation handled by the students to demonstrate what they have learned from the lesson.

It is used to measure whether the students understood the concepts.

The teacher must check all the results from the research by the students

The lessons will be designed according to the different learning styles of students

Students are to be grouped according to shared interests as well as their different abilities in the topic of geometry.


  Closure: The student is required to share the information learned through the lesson by way of answering some of the questions asked by the teacher. Students can also be requested to do a summary of the essential concepts.



What are the similarities between dimensions of the student’s pyramids

State some of the challenges when creating the 3-D pyramids

State ways in which this lesson can help students in understanding the importance of geometry in fields such as architecture and construction.




When coming up with a lesson plan is essential that you take into consideration the different characteristics of the students. Some of the students have a learning style that requires incorporating shapes and other illustrations. Some of the others are quick and do not need such kind of illustration. However, it is essential to have an accommodative lesson plan, which will also create a positive atmosphere during class hours. The lesson also incorporates the use of technology to allow the student to understand the lesson better. During the lessons, students can be able to ask for clarification of concepts that they have not understood. Also, the students are allowed to work in groups so that they can work comfortably with people that they share an interest with. The groups are designed to ensure that they are flexible and include all the people from different races and genders. Working in groups will allow the students to have a discussion on the topic taught in class and further understand and retention of the content. The student is also to be subjected to assessments that will gauge their understanding of the issues that they have learned. The students are to have interviews whereby they can narrate on the concepts that they learned and understood from the lesson. Also of the meeting, they are also subjected to assessments that will gauge how well the students retained the information that they learned in the experience. Also, they are required to explain how the knowledge acquired from the lesson can help them in their daily real life. The concepts must be utilized, as well.


Dance-Schissel, D. (2018, May 15). Introduction to Geometry Lesson Plan. Retrieved from Study.com: https://study.com/academy/popular/introduction-to-geometry-lesson-plan.html

Karsner, D. (2019, June 23). What Is Geometry? Retrieved from Study.com: https://study.com/academy/lesson/basic-geometry-concepts-terms.html

Ley, D. (2018, July 16). Basic Geometry Concepts. Retrieved from Online maths: com/basic-geometry.html”>https://www.onlinemathlearning.com/basic-geometry.html

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