janet and frank rocky horror show analysis

The Rocky horror show first premièred four decades ago, however, it remains a cultural, cult classic and freak show amongst its audiences to date.  It mainly concerns the adventures that Janet Weiss and Barry Bostwick undergo in an extraordinary mansion. They happened to come across this particular mansion on a rainy night when their car stalled. Their car broke down in the woods just after they had confessed their love to each other in a vivid song. Upon pondering on what to do next, they sought refuge in a touring bastion near the road. A ghastly battler christened Riff Raff greeted them at the door. He introduces the couple to a group of partygoers that were dressed in attires that seemed to stem from a kind of interplanetary thrift shop (Borntreger Web).

Most of the people in the touring castle were dressed up in lingerie. They included Dr, Frank Furter, a crazy scientist that claimed to be from a different planet. Frank revealed his most recent creation; a figure enclosed in gauze and inundated in a tank as his assistants Magenta and Columbia observed. With extra colored eyes and backing from the weather, he brought to life a light-colored young beefcake who was wearing skimpy shorts. In his first few seconds in life, the lad bursts into a song. When Janet and Frank thought that the strange part of the entire ordeal was over, a Biker explodes on the scene to repossess his ex-girlfriend Columbia (Borntreger Web).

As soon as Frank kills the Biker, it becomes apparent that Janet and Brad would be his guest for this particular night. It is also feasible that they could be next on his list; however, it is not certain to them whether this would be for carnal delights or murder. An interesting style makes up this film. Janet Weiss is exposed to a very different perspective on sexuality in Frank’s castle. At the dismay of Frank, she gets infatuated by Rocky Horror. Even though she was not comfortable when she first entered Frank’s castle, she starts feeling much at home as the night progresses. Dr. Everest Scott, who formerly taught Janet and Brad, is a rival scientist who had been investigating Dr. Frank for some time. He coincidentally picked this very night to act, a decision that endangered Brad and Janet’s lives (Borntreger Web).

Magenta and Riff Raff terrorize Peter Hinwood, who plays a creation of Rocky Horror at the onset of the film. Janet tempts him while Frank comes after him with sexual intentions. Rocky who is totally confused in this entire ordeal just wants to flee far away from it. The audiences love this creation of the 70s and are particularly attached to the casts Halloween costumes. The fact that they are allowed to participate in the movie makes it even more amazing for them. In the extended pauses that appear between dialogues, the audiences are used to yelling back lines to the screen. The phenomenon in which audiences participate in the film has been witnessed since 1975. People get dressed up in the casts’ costumes and even act out the movie. They also throw up props at various instances in the course of the film. They do this because they realize that Rocky Horror is not essentially a horror film, rather it is a mix up of rock musical setting with old science fiction and some horror films (Borntreger Web).




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