Internet involvement in political activities



The Internet has significantly reshaped political interacts, as increasingly more people access high-speed Internet services. This paper posits to exemplify how the internet has modified political interactions on the global arena. This paper will also highlight how the internet has been involved in political activity in several specific countries.

How The Internet Has Been Involved In Political Activity In The U.S.A

The Internet has significantly impacted the U.S. society as a result of, its ability and versatility in functionality. This is in regard to the numerous aspects of politics as well as the political system. It has become the custom for Americans to utilize the Internet to assist them in making voting decisions. This is usually the case when Americans desire information in relation to imminent elections. The Internet has provided an anincredible effect on the structure of political campaigns. The Democrats, as well as the Republicans, are exploiting the internet as a political platform to communicate with the masses as well as to raise funds for their political agendas. The Internet is found to be exceedingly less costly, and more efficient than the conventional tools of politics.

Social media sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook are being utilized to reach American voters. Barack Obama’s election campaign is a case in point in regard to the way the internet has modified political interactions globally. The Obama election campaign in 2008employed the Internet in organizing supporters in a manner that would have previously necessitated a multitude of paid organizers and volunteers on the ground.

How the Internet Has Been Involved in Political Activity in Iran.

A synopsis of how the internet has been involved in political activity in Iran could not be timelier. The 2009 ‘Twitter revolution’ in Iran is a case in point in this regard. This twitter revolution was as a result of the heavy dependence on and utilization of Twitter. Iranians used the internet as a medium for disseminating information in relation to the protests subsequent to the contentious election outcomes. The socio-political significance of the internet in Iran cannot be implicit without reference to the history of democratization attempts and revolutions in Iran. The internet phenomenon is pinpointing of the conflicting threads of custom and modernity in the country. A case in point is how the Iranian women, have switched to the internet as a communication platform to express their views. It is essential to note that, in Iran, women are barred from roughly all the public spaces.

How the Internet Has Been Involved in Political Activity in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities recently established a special unit to scrutinize internet activists. A Facebook group called for a general strike in 2008, which drew tens of thousands of members. Egyptian political activists have to build up sophisticated ways of launching online protests when offline political activity would attract repression. Egyptians turned to the internet after the government repressed international media since the government could not impede the flow of information through Facebook, Twitter, email, and YouTube.


The Internet is indisputably a truly a worldwide link and an insightful tool of gigantic proportions. It has changed the manner in which politics is conducted, the way business is conducted as well as how people participate in their cultures and social groups. No other structure of mass communications shares in this distinction. Its impact is far superior to all communicative tools in mass communications history.




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